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    I recently germanized (5 to 10 days ago) two seeds. I had a bunch of other seeds that didnt pop a rout but i kept them in there. I planted like 5 or so days ago. I put the two germanized seeds in there with the other seeds. So far I saw four sprouts. My soil is pretty compacted and wet, I really don't want to risk killing all my plants. Should I transplant or should I let them all live?

    ALSO: If a mix of males and females occur should I pick the males or keep them?
    If i keep them how do you tell when a female is fertilized? How many seeds could she produce? I'm wanting to have atleast 7 female plants growing next summer, and my seed connect is dry in seeds.

    EDIT: Plus I've seen pictures of plants growing togther (In same pot and some in same spot in ground) that were huge, and healthy. people say that they will be stunted? how do i make sure they get big and stay healthy?
  2. Keep your plants in separate pots, That way their roots won't get bound and growth won't be stunted, also this way they don't have to combat for sunlight.

    As for male and female plants, if you want seeds for next year, keeping a male around may be something you wanna do. But be aware your bud will not be sensimilla, and will be loaded with seeds. This will have an effect on the buds potency, and ease of smoking (you're gonna have to pick out all the seeds as you toke it I guess).

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