Sprouts Dying, Please Help!!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by sinori007, Mar 8, 2002.

  1. My sprouts are dead or dying and I dont' know why. These seeds are skunk#1s and all 3 of them have gone through this problem. I don't have a digicam so I will just briefly explain how they look. Please help me revive them. They look dead, the plant is still very small and has it's 2 lips open and the lips which used to be daek green are now yellow green. They look pretty burnt if that's what the problem is. The other sprout is still dark green almost turning blackish blue. It's weak, looks dying, and is shriveling up. Please help me with this. Oh the lights are 1000 Watt MH and I kept the sprouts about 2.3 feet away. They shouldn't have died since the blueberries I was growing with the skunks look fine and healthy (awesome indoor strain that grows strong even if u don't know what ur doing). Please reply! Oh yeah and I use mylar on all 4 sides of a 5x5 growing room.
  2. What's your light cycle 24-7 or 18/6?

    Did you fertilize?

    How much watering have you done?

    Do you see any fuzzy white threads around the base? or does the base at the soil level look brownish-black and kinda pinch?
  3. Damn, thanx but the sprouts are already dead :( Thanx for your help anyways, time to "restart" the project.
  4. just get some fans in there and move the light farther away..

    a tiny case of steching is easier fixed than shrivelled up babies

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