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  1. Sorry im posting so much dont mean do be flooding the board but i have put my seeds in between paper towls and i see some of the seeds cracking and the white stem starting to appear but unlike my last ones these arent shooting out they have been in the same place for like a day and half now and i dunno if i should plant them or see what happens i dont want the stem to dry out so any ideas? Also i heard that mae plants sprout before the females is their any truth in that one? Thanks all for previous posts
  2. i have heard that as well but i wouldn't count on it. if you have a valid question there is no chance that you are flooding the boards, people here are more than happy to help. i would just wait a while some seeds do take longer than others.
  3. Cold temperatures and not enough water tend to inhibit growth.
  4. is it ok to have a light on a seed that has not sproutrd yet it is in the soil right now. I have heard that a warm dark place is the best but for me warm is kind hard. So i put my light over it and it will keep it warm but now it is not in a dark place is this ok?
  5. go to indoor growing, germination 420, has alotta info on it...
  6. DUnno if this would be a big problem i plopped ome miracle grow into a bowl of water and dipped the paper towl seeds and all into it i barely put an miracle grow into the lie 1 gallon bowl it was very very light blue i read a yesterday that ferting seeds doesnt help them cause they have enough energy so far so with that this morning i put the seeds into just water on the paper towl so hopefully it doesnt burn them and would that stunt em so that they dont continue to shoot the stem out dunno i guess ill check them in the morning
  7. no need to I dont even use it until I go to 12/12 I use an african violet mix

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