Sprouting Seeds Under 12/12 Lighting to Determine Sex and Re-Vegging the Females... Is It Bad??

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  1. A reputable Instagram grower I follow says he pops his seeds under 12/12 lighting to determine sex. And as soon as they show their gender he takes the females to his veg room while the males get culled. The females go through re-veg this way right? Is this technique bad for the resultant mother plant at all? Or will she resume vegging as normal?

    I currently have 13 seedlings growing at the moment that are at about two weeks old. I was going to let them grow about three or four nodes high and then i was going to take a cutting and throw the cuttings in a cup of water under 12/12 lighting to determine sex. But now I'm having second thoughts...

    The sprout from seed under 12/12 method actually seems more efficient and convenient than taking a cutting and putting the cutting under 12/12 lighting. Can I re-veg seedlings rest assured that the mother plant will behave as normal once she gets out her funk and is in veg again? TIA!
  2. Not bad - but it will take forever to re-veg - I did it and regretted it took forever to get a good plant back in veg state
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  3. just veg for 10-12 weeks and it will show sex - then move over to bloom - or setup as a mother
  4. this is what i use to do. you're basically referring to vegging the plants until they reach maturity and show pre-flowers right?

    I popped more seeds than my grow space can handle if i were to allow them to veg for two months.

    I was hoping to find a way to determine sex and cull the males sooner. I'm willing to sacrifice a week or two of "grow time" to determine sex, if possible, if it simplifies growing for me and doesn't do permanent harm to the resultant mother. I was hoping someone might be able to give me some insight on this specifically
  5. Yes
    took me over a month to get my purple indica plant back to mothering
    took several weeks of single point leaves before I got a three point leaf and then several more till I got some 5 point leaves
  6. are you referring to a seedling sprouted under 12/12 lighting or a mature plant that went through its entire flower cycle before re-vegging?

    I've heard that the longer its been in flower the longer it takes to get through re-veg. Was the plant in flower for much longer than a week in your case? a month is a while to wait for re-veg isnt it
  7. I did an entire bloom cycle and then trimmed down and put back to veg
  8. I just grow all mine as if they were females, then when I tip them, keeping track of which was which, I clone those cutting and put them straight to flower. Takes about two weeks usually, but in the mean time my plants carry on as normal and when I know which is female and or male, I just remove them and or put them aside for pollen harvesting later, etc...
  9. putting seedlings under 12/12 makes absolutly no sense. First of all plant wont show sex until its mature and second with only 12 hours of light they will grow slower. Better to germinate them under 24/0 or 18/6 until mature then clone and sex, you waste less time vs revegging.
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  10. If you don't have room for all the plants you have, why are you going to clone?
  11. I took a clone from an outdoor plant in early April that started flowering in March. Maybe 2-3 weeks into flower, and I had to keep the genetics. Left it in some water in a clear plastic bottle outside in the sun and forgot about it. It kept on flowering, with no roots, and ended up finishing out with a danky little nug. By this time, it had thrown out a few little roots that died, but was covered in root bumps. I ended up throwing it in a peat pellet and revegging it now that the sun is giving us veg hours. It’s now beginning of June and it’s still throwing out 1 finger leaves.

    I’ve performed similar experiments (on purpose those times), and had similar results.

    Not worth it. Grow them out and cull the males when the time comes.
  12. If you want to take clones at 3 weeks to sex the plants, those clones will take at least a week or two to root and by that time the plants would be 4-5 weeks old and will be showing sex anyways..
  13. I believe they have plant sexing tests now.. you can look into that..
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