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    Hey folks! About 6 months ago I decided I was desperately tired of paying outrageous prices for my cannabis, so I thought I would gather up the materials to grow my own. After a disaster with bagseed, I ordered some Yumbolt-47 and figured I'd try it... want to be sure I don't waste it though.

    1) My home water is around 6.5-7 ph, could that have explained my sprouting failure? Should I have adjusted my seedling water to 5.5, even using 5.5phed water with the paper towel method to get them to split?

    2) My medium is hydroton, with a small coco coir ball centered to allow the seedling something to grasp onto initially. Should I have soaked my coco and hydroton in PH adjusted water first? Is my left over coco coir from my last grow safe to use if I rehydrate (no local hydro supplies around).

    After typing all of that, I've come to realize both of my questions involve the seedling stage, PH, and coco coir. Thank you all very much for reading this, and thanks even more to those who answer!


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  2. words.... words.... words....

    lots o extra garbage in there... i seriously skimmed it... that was a blog, not a question

    go get some rockwool cubes...
    the small one's 1 x 1.... coco does not hold water it passes threw it....

    the rockwool has directions on the back....

    drop your seed in a shotglass for no more than one hour... i like spring water

    if your seed cracks put that in rockwool(per directions)
    if not put that in a lightly soaked paper towel folded three times between layers one and two... and put that inside of a inflated sandwich bag... or sealed tupperware... check twice a day till cracked then plant in your rockwool

    put a soft white cfl over the rockwool cubes... never water the rockwool directly... spoon water to the dish it sits in... the object is to have the water mostly at the bottom so the seedling will search for water creating roots

    once its rooted put that in your DWC

    now go germ some bag seeds
  3. After re-reading my post, I decided you were right hahaha.

    Sorry about that, I tend to get very long winded.

    The problem with rockwool is I'd have to take a 2 hour trip to get any, or have to pay shipping for a single item.

    Ty for the input, if it turns out that's my only choice, I'll have to gas up and go.

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