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  1. So far you guys have been a great help. I have one more question:

    After germination, into the sprouting stage, do I need light to sprout it?
    I am going to grow outdoors, but I was thinking of just sprouting them inside first.
    However, I am not able to create a lighted area for the sprouting plant because of stealth needed, [parents etc..]. Can I just put the sprouts in the closet with no light? If not, what is a good way to sprout the plant outside, ensuring safety?

    In other words, I need a good/safe method of sprouting my seed without the use of artificial light--and planning to grow the plant outdoors.

    Thanks alot!
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    The only thing I can suggest is once the seed pops its tap root, you go and plant it in your plot. I am doing the same thing you are except that I am using my cfl on them right now to get them started and then on saturday I am going to pick a plot and plant them outside for the summer. Hopefully I get some buds this year, I have six sprouts under the cfl. So yeah, in your shoes I would just plant them outside once the tap root pops out.

    EDIT: If you leave them in the darkness they will stretch if they can see any light or just die. Atleast with mine, they were white/light yellow in color and didnt get green and start growing until they were under some cfl lighting.
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    Place them in distilled water glass then you can place them in small pots/bups on a crate on an elevated bush (sunny 4 hours min. on plants). Protect them from rain and big wind in first month (2 weeks min.). Use an airy soil mix (see Organic sticky by Mr. Ohzee).
    In first 1 week, they don't need a lot of the sun. But if the soil mix is good, they can take the sun (not full day is better) but after 1 week, they'll be strong enough to get max. sun. Monitor water too.

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