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    How long does it usually take you guys seeds to sprout after germination?
    Does it all depend on the strain & stuff?

  2. Took my 8 between 24-48 hours mate, using the damp tissue between plates method.
  3. Depends really. I usually do the shotglass of aquafina water for 24 hours until they sink then I do the paper towel method in a small tupperware tub on a heat mat. Then with the sprout root come out nice I plant her in half an inch of soil in a solo cup.
    For me personally I've seen mine break ground within 5 days. But it's different for everyone. Give it a solid week. If nothing happens then it might be a bunk bean.
  4. same here as GrimlockXXX,,,i soak in water for 24 hours then plant ,,,but i even plant the ones that have not sunk because i have had seeds still come up even when they didnt sink,not all but a few,,,but if brought off a good supplier you should get 90% germination ...bagseed around 70% germination ,,,,,,,luck,,,,,mac
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    I have had my seeds germinating for about 5 days now and I'm barely getting a taproot on one of them. I'm either screwing with mine too much because it's my first grow, or because I have a bad batch that may be a little too old. I guess it all depends on if they are fresh/old, if you presoak/not presoak, what method you use and if you scar the shell or not
  6. usually depends on temps and how fresh they are...i soak for 18-24 hrs till the root is poking out but these last fresh ones i did were popped in 12 and coming up in 24
  7. I soak in paper towel, and transplant into medium once the taproot is about ¼" long. Generally takes 24hours to get to that point, then another 24-72 hours to sprout after I place into my medium

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  8. from my experiences i find it quicker when theres something warm under the beans i put mine on top of the fridge i also use the paper towel method.

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