sprouting outdoors? watering tips?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by wateredwun, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, have a few questions that I cant find, I'm going to be growing for the first time outside, and as a college student on campus need to do outdoors, any input is greatly appreciated.

    Is there a way I can go straight from paper towel to soil without initial indoor sprouting, ive seen folks use bags over sprouts outside what's that about?

    Also watering may be a issue, I'm on a scheduale with school and a slave to probation, is there a way to water once a week or two? A complex drip system wont work for me either. Got to be stealthy about this.

    Thanks guys really would appreciate some help, thanks
  2. Accidently posted 2x sorry, bump
  3. I'd probably go with don't cultivate Marijuana (an illegal plant) on a college campus while on a strict PROBATION schedule. Just my input. What college Btw?
  4. Start in the pots your gonna use, moisten the soil thoroughly and use cling film or humidity domes to keep them in. Will prob need watering more for the first week or two, after that if you use big pots and water crystals/perlite should get away with weekly watering, unless it is proper hot.
  5. Not doing it on campus, Rutgers. Got a nice plot picked out where no one goes and no deer.

    And should I use pots throughout cause I was going to dig holes and use potting soil.
  6. You can do it straight in the ground, just I've had bad experiences with slugs before even after using repellants, and I like to be able to move them if I have to. Straight in ground will result in bigger plants and better drainage.

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