Sprouting HELP. What did I do wrong?

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  1. None of my 6 seeds germinated or sprouted!

    I startd out by putting the seeds in between soaking sheets of toilet paper (folded many times for layers) and let them sit for 3 days. I kept them from damp to soaked for the entire time. I used aged tap water in a spray bottle.

    When I saw none of the 6 had germinated I decided to put them in soil. i put them under about 1/4" and watered them every 12 hours for 3 days. Still no germination or sprouts!

    Wha did I do wrong?

    I realize dud seeds exist, but surely at least 1 would germinate out of 6 right? They were all very visually healthy and rock hard.

  2. Problems bolded. :)
  3. Ok. so are the seeds now ruined? Could i try the cup of water method?
  4. Not sure.

    My first thought is that since you planted them in the soil, I guess you've probably never tried to do this before but, it's quite hard to find a bean once you put it down there without disturbing it's chances of surviving.

    I think you said they never developed taproots though? if that wer the case I would suggest taking them all out (if you can find them), and putting them in a cup of water. If they don't sink, scuff them up a little with some sand paper or something, or so I've heard. If they sink, which by now they should, fold 2 peices of soggy but not sopping wet paper toweling (better than toilet paper) and then place your seeds inside the toweling. Place the toweling, inside some sort of plastic container with a lid is what I use. Place this on top of something warm, i.e. a computer monitor or something warm.

    Leave them untouched for a day and a half, and you should have at least a FEW with a taproot coming out, then try CAREFULLY replanting.
  5. I think the one element you were missing is warmth. The seeds, regardless of whatever way you decide to germinate them, need to be kept warm.
  6. I agree that you may just need to add a warm environment. Coffee filters work better than paper towels or toilet paper, which can cause the fragile tap root to snag. Put seeds on filter, fold in half, spray with bottled water. Place the folded, damp filter in a plastic bag to hold in humidity. Should see action in a couple of days.

    I soak my seeds overnight first with a little peroxide in the water....bottled water, RO type, like from the machine outside a grocery store.

    I saw this neat trick for nicking the seed to help open the hard shell. I was never successful trying to hold a teeny tiny seed to run sandpaper over it. Try this: Find a small box of matches, remove matches and place small piece of sandpaper in bottom. Add your seeds and shake. Works great!

    HTH and good luck!
  7. It's pretty simple actually. Put the seeds between nicely wetted papers towels (not toilet paper cuz it turns to mush) put the paper towels in a tupperware container (like a sandwich sized one) and set it on a warming mat or over a heat register. I usually soak the paper towels in the sandwich container, and then drain all of the water out just leaving the water that the paper towel wants to hold on to. The WARMTH is crucial.
  8. I was scared as shit about trying to germ my 2 seeds that i ordered, one blue cheese and one red diesel, both looked small as hell, just get 2 paper towels get them wet NOT DRENCHED WITH WATER and not wrung out, put it in a plastic Tupperware container, now u gotta find somewhere warm to put it, i just put it begind my xbox whenever i turned it on, check the paper towel to make sure it doesnt dry out. took 2 days for a taproot to come out for me, and after being in the ground it took another 3 days before it sprouted
  9. hey bro i gotta say that I personaly have never sucsessfuly germinated and grown a plant, i think that germinating doesnt work, it could be that the seeds arnt good enough.
    But i have grown alot by just ploping them in the ground....
    i have a 8/10 sucsess rate.... mind you that these are good seeds...
    heres what i would segjust:
    1 take a couple party cups, or an ice tray...
    2 fill em' with some good potting soil from steins
    3 just plop the seeds in, and water them once in awhile for a few days, i would segjust that you use a spray bottle...
    4 if you can put them under any grow light: or i would segjust a window...
    5 watch it grow,
    6 remember its a weed, dont over complicate... as you do it, you can make canges, and after a few months you will have perfected the procsess
    GOOD LUCK!!!
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    Ok i tried again.

    I put 8 seeds (bag seed, but all from decent bud) in a cup of aged tap water (mineral water) at room temperature (72 degrees) and let it sit for 12 hours. all but 1 seed sunk, so i threw that one away.

    12 hours later i checked on it again and 1 seed had cracked. i put it under 1/4" of my soil and sprayed it twice with a spray bottle full of the same aged tap water. it was barely wet enough to see the shine of the water for about 1 second before it started soaking through the water and lost the glossiness.

    i let it sit for 12 hours until i checked on the seeds again, no more had cracked. i then checked on the potted seed and the soil felt dry to the touch, which i thought was weird since i watered it 12 hours ago. i stuck my finger in the side of the soil and didnt feel moisture so i sprayed it once more.

    that was yesterday afternoon, 24 hours ago. i watered it once again with 2 sprays just before i began typing this post. none of the remaining 6 seeds have cracked yet, but 3-4 of them look close to doing so and are turning white on the edges.

    Any critiques? advise?

    BTW the last time i checked this thread was the day i made it until now so thats why i dint try to warm up the environment, ill do that from now on to the remaining seeds if you think it would help.
  11. Alright the one in the cup is now visible. i can see the seed shell, which is even with the surface of the soil, so that one should begin its life by the end of the day i would think... i also checked on the seeds which are now being kept in an 81 degree environment in their cup and 1 more seed cracked so i repeated the proscess i did with the other. hopefully more will crack, im a little surprised and disappointed by the low success rate so far (25% cracked in 5 days). is this normal?
  12. i soak my seeds in water till i see the seed crack open. then i put them into soil. usualy takes 24-36 hours in a dish of water, warm, 95 degrees (above reptile tank) and completely dark, wrapped in dark towel

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