Sprouted seeds?

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  1. I have seeds germinating i was wonder if i need to put the seedling in potting mix or would fox farms ocean will be acceptable to start their lives in off the start. I have read some mixed things across different site just looking for some input
  2. For seedlings Fox Farms soil...the ocean mix is a little bit Hot... To much Nitrogen. I've used it successfully a few times and had one baby burn up.

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  3. Thanks im gonna hit up the garden supply for some happy frog potting soil in that case.
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    The seeds have booth produced a taproot about 1/16" in length. I placed them in the pot mix root down. It has been a few days since ive done this, one has sprouted the other has shown no sign of coming through the soil yet. How long should i wait before speculating its demise?

    They are in a plastic cups seran wrap over the top with some holes cut it. Under a 40w cfl bulb.

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