Sprouted, but no lights...

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by mystyclpork, May 11, 2010.

  1. I have 8 bagseeds all germ'd in papertowels 100% germ rate. Theyr in solo cups and 4 have sprouted and number 5 is just breaking soil, but i have no light to keep the sprouted ones under before they go outside...

    Its kinda shitty weather right now and about to rain tomorrow and these 4 sprouts are about 2 inches tall and just starting to open their tops.....will they die very sooon????? i can get them out thursday after all the rain i just want to make sure they wont crap out on me :confused:
  2. Without light they will stretch, get too tall and collapse under their own weight. Get them in a window or under a light, any light is better than no light. Put them outside now is another option, unless there is a danger of frost. The rain won't hurt them.
  3. supposed to be high winds and thunderstorms and tstorms means alot of heavy rain and one of my sprouts' stem broke last time there was a tstorm soo thats a couple ounces less than i would have..
  4. Find a lamp. Get a bulb. The bulb might be an issue, but everyone can find a lamp.
  5. get a couple of 23-26 watt cfls 65-5500k

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