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  1. Alright guys one of my seeds sprouted so i sprayed it with a little water so i got the soil a little wet. i let it sit overnight and it hasnt moved at all and now the the leaves at the tips are getting a little brown why so early in vegging? :( and i have more seeds to plant but i have another question i plant the seeds after germination and everything put plastic wrap over the cup then rubberband the plastic wrap around the cup. and i leave it sit under the lights for a couple days and only 1 have sprouted are there any other ways? do i keep them under lights or put them in a dark place? help guys please...
  2. I'm no expert but I'm fairly sure you shouldn't put them under light until they have sprouted.
    Also, it's pretty difficult to say why your sprout has started to turn brown if you don't list things such as your soil, it's pH, where the sprout is (including how hot/humid the space is) etc.

  3. soil is a mix of perlite and mulch with just some regular soil and the ph is 6.8 the sprout i accidently planted off to the side of the cup instead of the middle and the temp is only at 72F so i just dont understand.
  4. Do your self a favor. Purchase a seed tray with a humidity dome. This will solve all your problems. Also buy some rapid router plugs. They are fantastic. And all the seed needs for the first two weeks of life is water.
  5. 27 views and 3 posts cmon guys i really need help...

  6. No budget for that right now or for awhile im only growing two small lst plants so it would be pointless to get that stuff cause i dont plan on upgraded for awhile. so that isnt a option thanks for the advice though.

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