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  1. Today i opened up my giant(50 gal.) rubbermaid tub which encased my pot with seed in it....only to find out the little bugger popped right out of the soil! Using Germination 420 and quite a bit of light i have given birth to a 1 inch tall sprout!

    The reason i am soo happy about this tiny seedling is because this is my first grow! and so far, so good!

    So, now i have some questions. Since it has just sprouted up out of the soil...how much should i water it? just a normal watering, not too much, not too little? is this the time when i need to use a fertilizer? i have some 10-10-10...is that ideal for my plant? How long should i expect for it to grow to a decent sized plant with some foliage?

    I do appreciate everyones help very very much!! And once i get myself a digi camera....ill take some pictures!!!
    Thanks again!

  2. heres the easiest way to tell if your plant needs watered.

    Feel the soil, DRY*? if so, water it, if not, dont water it.
    easy as that.

    And always remember, new growers #1 cause of failure is overwatering.

    Dont use the fertilizer till the plant is about 28 days old, and at that time, that fertilizer should work fine.

    As for time, it all depends. What kinda lighting, etc.
  3. I've mentioned it in other threads but anyway... my seed sprouted too!! First grow and all.

    I'm using a huge RubberMaid container as well. How's it working our for you?

  4. Feel the soil, DRY? if so, water it, if not, dont water it.
    easy as that
  5. oi, thx ya, typo there...

    should remind myself to be atleast half sober before giving advice..lol :)

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