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  1. Hi .. My seeds just sprouted , but i see that the baby leaves are hanging down a bit.. Ive lowered my led lights with a few inches now and i let the soil get a little dryer .. Will this solve the problem or is this nothing to worry about ?

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  2. It's really nothing to worry about, but don't give them to much water right now as they don't need a lot. Really, just 2 tbsp of water at the base of their stem every other day is all they will need for the next 2 weeks. Then go to a 1/4 cup every other days for the following week, then after that, saturate the pot. Then only re-saturate the pot every 6 days, or when the soil 2 inches down feels dry. Also next time you transplant up, I would add some more perlite to your medium, as it will help with water drainage, allow your roots to grow more freely, and allow for more oxygen to reach your roots. A good mix is 60% medium, 40% perlite.
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