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  1. Does my sprout in a rockwool cube need lighting right from the start, or do I wait a few days? I'm using a 400w mh and I'm putting my sprout into the rockwool tonight. I have questions about nutrients too, but Ill ask them in the nutrients section.
  2. You don't need light until it actually gains exposure to the surface. Then you should keep a good distance from the light to the seedling, farther than the recommendation for mature plants.
  3. Do I need to add any nutes to the water in my 5gal bucket system tonight too? The rockwool will be surrounded by hydroton. Do I set my watering timer right from the start too?
  4. I grow in soil, no idea on that one.
  5. Neither do I man, this is my first time growing hydro. Ive got a pretty good idea what I need to do, but the dude thats helping me with the small things I dont know is out of town til saturday, and Ive got this taproot sprouting out of my Big Bud seed. Ive used soil in the past too, but this BB is supposed to give double the yield when grown hydroponically. It'll be worth it either way.
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    Downsouthgrown: here's how I do it in a nut shell. I start with a dry seed. Stick it into a damp, treated rock wool cube, with a pair of tweezers, pointy end down. Plant it twice as deep as the seed is tall. Whether you make an attempt to cover it up makes no difference as I'm going to keep it in the dark for 24 hours. In that 24 hours it's going to swell and sometimes sprout as it absorbs moisture from the damp cube.

    The next day I'm going to put it under a 5,000K T-5 lamp on a schedule of 20 hours on, 4 ours off.

    I don't feed it for the first week as the seed provides everything it needs. When I start feeding it and or changing its diet in the future I always give it a half strength dose of the next food to see how it reacts. If there's no problem, then a week later I give it a full strength dose and the same from then on.

    Each week I'll reduce the light by one hour and by doing so increasing the dark by the same.

    As soon as I see roots, I transplant the cube to its permanent home and I give it a dose of B-1 to prevent transplant shock. I follow the nutes manufacturer's directions to the letter, but for the last five or six years I've been using Technaflora's, "Recipe for Success," exclusively. It's complete and very user friendly. I haven't had any of the problems you read about on these forums related to nutes and before you accuse me of being a paid shill, I'm not, I'm just a very happy customer of Technaflora.

    I continue to reduce the light by one hour a week and you'll usually see preflowering occurring at about 14 to 13 hours of light. At that point I change the lamps to 2,700K reds, and the nutes to the flowering formula. I keep going down on the lights by one hour a week until they're at 14 hours of dark and 10 hours of light. I stay with that schedule until harvest.

    You might want to take a look at last June's issue of, "HIGH TIMES," magazine. They had a great article on seed propagation. It'll probably answer all the questions you haven't even thought to ask yet. I hope this helps. Hank
  7. Thanks for the tip, Im going to use it when I plant my white widow seed in a few weeks. I started my seed off last week in a damp paper towel in a sandwich baggie for three days, then put it in a soaked rockwool cube last wednesday. By friday it had the oval shaped leaves, and by sunday it had its first real leaves. Today its about an inch tall, and its second leaves are coming in. They are twice the size this afternoon as they were this morning. I think Ive got a winner here with this Big Bud seed.

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