sprout needs surgery... please help helmet head

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  1. Shit guys, out of 10 seeds I have 7 sprouts and 3 just about to break the soil (I can see a little green loop right at the surface). So I'm really excited about this. I went ahead and turned the light on the 1/2" sprouts. And when I cranked it on I notice something I haven't noticed before.

    One of the sprouts hasn't "opened", I couldn't figure out why. Upon closer inspection the seed is fucking stuck to it. It's almost all the way open but it's stuck to the very top side part of the seedling.

    So obviously, I have to take care of this helmet head and I don't know how to. I read somewhere about somebody else having this problem and they little their sprout. I really don't want to do that. This might be my clone mom, you know?

    I'm think I'm going to boil tweezers for a few minutes, then clean them off with a dilluted rubbing alcohol solution. Then take the tweezers and close them, insert them into the seed and try to open it up by opened up the tweezers. With any luck this will crack the seed in half and not kill the sprout.... Is this a good idea.

    If anybody has any advice, I'd really love to hear it. Because the longer this goes, the worse it's going to yet.

    Thanks a lot guys. :D

    P.S. I'm freaking out!
  2. HIGH All, leave helmet head alone for now...give some more time..it's just breaking from it's shell.
  3. Ok that sounds good, but it'll be hard to watch lol. :D

    How long should I leave helmet head alone for? Will it be a certain number of inches or what? What are the signs that I should remove it? (I would of asked earlier but I jumped to the conculsion that I had to immediately remove it).

    If the coytleons (sp?) don't pop out (there's not now because the helmet) could the plant die from lack of nutrients?

    Sorry for all the questions. But thanks for the help. :D
  4. I read before not to mess around with planted seeds, how did u find out it was stuck down there? Did you dig it out? And is this a common problem? I think the same happened here with one of my seeds...
  5. HIGH All, ask All you want my friend...nobody here minds. Yes just leave it for a few days ok and see what happens..if it pops O.F.F.F. great if not...them maybe break out the tweezers. But first wet the the shell which should be a inch or two out of the soil by now..it might make it easier and use the tweezers to to pop O.F.F.F. not pull it.
  6. HIGH All, the cotyledons will spread and push it O.F.F.F. it's Nature.
  7. You guys kick ass. Thank you so much. I searched and searched and searched for the answer to this question and I could find it now where and now I feel way more relaxed.

    Thanks for wishing me luck on this grow as well. So far everything is going great. 10/10 germination rate, 10/10 sprouted, and 2/10 are helmet heads (yup found another one). But I think I'm off to a pretty wonderful start. I'll veg a couple weeks, top, then fim, and try to keep theese down to about 3 or 4 feet.

  8. I buried 3 of my seeds not deep enough and all 3 came up with the seeds stuck to them...i waited a day and they were still stuck, so I took the seed and seperated it and the seed came right off...i suggest you do this because after 2 -4 days your sprout will die because it will have used up all of its energy it was born with....
  9. I had one like that, I was going to let it just do it's thing but it was getting big and still not coming out.

    To make things short, I pulled the helmet off and the plant was deformed, i recomend that you pull it off ASAP.

    It stunted my plant, so pull it off.

    BTW - It was still on there a week after all the others popped off.

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