Sprout and Germination Problems

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Toke-ologist, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. I cant seem to get my seeds to germinate in their tupperware container. Ive wrapped the sides in duct tape, and i put it out in the sunlight on good days, but its been 14 days since i first put seeds into the paper towels. And ive only gotten like 7 sprouts, and 3 of them after being put in the ground, never did anything, and when i dug them up they were dead. Idk wtf is goin on here. Mb im over ferting with the root stimulant.

    As u see ive only gotten 1 to sprout out of the soil i put it into. Idk wtf is goin on. What should i do? do i need to keep the soil cubes under the sun, wait for them to sprout like that? Is that what im lacking, its too cold? Its about 75 in my room, but everytime i take out my seeds, the water in the towels is always cold. :(

    Im at a loss as to what to do! There are about 20 seeds im just tyrin to germinate. And i need to check and see if the other seeds make it past the surface in a day or two. But if anyone has any idea what i may be doing wrong, please let me konw.

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  2. This is my sprout as of last night. I'm about to put a tooth pick in, and see how far it sprouts in one day. Also see how wide the leaves get in one day.

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  3. First off, I have better luck when the tray of seeds I am trying to germinate is warmer rather than colder. Don't let them get *too* hot or put them in the sun, but on top of an appliance that generates a little heat helps (do not block vent holes in your electronic equipment too much LOL).

    Secondly, I tried using those little peat pellets also . . . the exact setup you have. Throw those damn things away LOL. Sadly I killed lots of sprouts using those. Check my grow journal, there is a sprout picture and only two survived lmao. Live and learn.

    I really suggest making sure your water pH is ok as well as the soil you are planting into. Do not use any nutes or ferts at all with seedlings. Get a really good potting soil that has no fertilizers or wood chips/bark. Put it in plastic party cups, then water it and let it drain before you put the sprouts in. Make a 1/2" deep hole in the soil, drop the sprout in with tweezers and cover it gently with soil. Do not rewater it, just cover it and keep it reasonably warm.

    It's all summed up here as well great post.


    Switch to better soil and make sure seed stock is strong you will do better I think. Keep care of the one sprout it may be a goodie too 8 ).

  4. I am not an expert but i have grown before and i have lived across the united states and have had the opportunity to try many different strainds of marijuana.From my little experience i find when germinating, the yeild factor from getting an old dirty carpet and putting it in a tank or aquarium that has been drained then putting in those little absorbant beads that come from fertilizer work well and can be reused as a germination device. Be sure to soak the carpet in water (warm and kept that way by some sort of appropriate lighting device). It is always a good idea to keep your lighting ratio 2 red 1 blue spectrum. At least that has worked well for me. If i am wrong in my techniques or they dont work for you i appologize.
  5. An old dirty carpet and an aquarium? u F*cking serious?
    Lets just say that u arent wrong in your techniques but very different in your techniques! :D
    I find it easier to use a small container and paper towels in a warm place rather than ripping up pieces of old dirty carpet and stuffing it into an aquarium after draining it!
  6. Tis true the approach is unusual, yet from what i have tried this technique has worked well and the living in a place
    where some of the best indoor weed in the world is grown my opinion even as a beginner is valuable.
  7. Thanks for the unorthodox methods, but living in a place wherei can be busted at any time of the day, i think ill keep the carpet outa my aquarium ;) lol I just cant find a good heat source. Ive tried just about everything except the water heater.
  8. A fairly commonly used appliance for this is the top of a monitor. They seem to put out the perfect amount of heat.


  9. It makes virtually no heat, and i dont leave it on enough for it to matter. My attic is a balmy 90+ just about everyday, so im going to try puttin my tupperware/papertowels up there.

    I also got some more AZ seeds today, only had 5 and none had germed.

    Im tryin the seeds in a cup of water germ method. Any one use this one? When i put the seeds in, the dark ones sank and the lighter colored ones float. Does this mean that the ones on the bottom are dead, or the only ones that will germinate this way?

    I havent read much about this one so i could use some input
  10. Ok read Grandpa 420's beginners guide, im good on the cup of water, but still a lil hazy as to what to do w/ the seeds. Do they germ in the cup or the soil?
  11. u could put a light bulb over it to give it some heat!
    cover the tray with some cardboard to keep light out and put the light bulb over it! its a last resort kinda thing but it should work,
    or how about a water tank? radiator? computer? anything ?
  12. Ima leave it up in the attic and see how that works for me, it stays above 80 up there all summer round, day or night. So i think it'll be good. It'll keep the water in the cup warm, and the tupperware warm as well, with no light in the attic
  13. Also put a few in a cup, some sank right away, others sank after a slight tap this morning. Im still slighty confused as to what to do with them now. Should i plant them? or should i wait for the tap root to start showin?

    The water is luke warm from the heat in the attic, this is excellent as it is the only room in my house that maintains a near constant temp above 77Degrees

    Check out my webshots grow journal, updated pics atleast once a day
  14. Make sure you have quality seeds first of all. They should be dark brown to light grey. You can try putting your seeds in a slightly wet sponge with some type of grow chemical. But make sure the sponge is placed within 6 inches of your light source(preferably a weaker fluro for germination then HID/HPS from vege to budding) that should work fine. Personally the aquarium method works a lot better. Plus if your carpet base is prepared properly and parasite free you can leave it there for 3 weeks or a little more. All the seeds i have germinated have shown signs of growth within 48 hours so i dont know what to tell you otherwise.

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