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  1. Does anybody else here like springtime as much as me? Since I'm in the north-eastern US it's winter here right now. I hate winter. All you can do is smoke and stay indoors 'cause it's way to cold outside when I'm straight, let alone stoned. I like to smoke during spring cause I can go outside and just chill, watch the clouds go by, and soak up some sun. To me, spring and summer are the two best seasons for smoking.....
  2. Oh yeah spring...... It's great! the way you start feel more alive and everything around you wakes up, poeple smile alot and are friendly, the days grow longer and it's getting warmer, only good thing in winter is that there's spring after that. Autumn is beautiful too, the way the nature colors itself and there's mist everywhere, and I allways get this starnge "mood" when it's autumn and almost every year I meet new and interesting people during the autumn.......
  3. you said it!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Somewhere over the rainbow.......

  5. hopefully..
    I cant stand this cold weather either 12inchb! its all about what the spring and summer brings!
  6. It's a beautiful day up in the neighborhood today, 70 deg and not a cloud in the sky and a few miles up the mountains we got snow. It's springtime most of the year here, so yeah I guess it's pretty sweet. I was just down at the park jumping over stuff with my bike. I would like to see some more snow this year though.

  7. Nice..... It's not freezing here today so it's quite nice and the strangest thing is there's quite alot of mist in the air, you can only see 10-15 meters in front of you. It's like walking in a cloud
  8. i love it man wearing a t shirt and shorts and some good weed to. you can grow outside agin

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