Springfield, MO. Day Trip

Discussion in 'General' started by king_43, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. 1st and foremost this is not a "hook up" thread.

    Me and my girl came up here to visit Missouri State University.. (she did.. i could careless about this town or state in that matter)

    But anyway I am up here for the weekend and wondering any good malls, places to eat (that is unique to this town/state, or just anything me and my girl could do when she isn't at the university?

    The trip took 8 hours from where I live in TN, and sure enough I just got done smoking a nice j of some granddaddy purp (that is in my pickups) and a bottle of seagrams 7.. trying to wind down from the drive.. She is passed out sleeping great of course!!
  2. Wish I could help you out bro. I've lived in St. Louis and Columbia but unfortunately never been to Springfield.

    Hope all goes well! :smoking:
  3. Oh well..
    Anybody else can chime in if they know anything!!
    and this is what im drinkin/smokin on!
  4. .... where is everybody!
  5. Nice dude...very nice.
  6. word..... im drunk........... gg segreams
  7. wtf? Nobody has shit to do in this town called springfield hahah! it must really suck!
  8. nah man i was in springfield last week.

    it sucks!
  9. brad pitt is from springfield MO

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