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    Ok peoples..here are a few pics to start, these are from my cell so they are not the best. I will get some better pics up soon.

    The strains are Bubblegum, Blue Cheese, Durban Poison, Satori, Alaskan Ice, Papaya and a South of the boarder unknown strain I have been growing since last October as well as the others are all from indoors..they are clones, so all females. I vegged them indoors for 45 days and then flowered outdoors, sometime in April I put them out..

    The soil I have been adding to for 1.5 yrs now to get some organics in to it. This early spring I added ten bags of Fox Farms, 1/2 each of Happy Frog and Ocean Forest. Nutes are Fox Farms Grow Big, Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom...

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  2. MJ,

    Cool to see the late spring flowering. They look almost finished. Your really turning and burning. I'm jealous of your backyard fun!

    Happy growing and enjoy that smoke, if ya got any left!!!:D
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    Thanks for stopping in my friend. Yes the spring crop is about ready. I harvested a Durban Poison girl today (nice tight sticky nugs from the cool spring weather), within days a couple more will be chopped and within two weeks or less the last bunch...I have six more ready to put in the ground for a fall harvest...

    I am really enjoying the same strains I did indoors over the winter, now seeing what they do outdoors as well.
  4. Cool man, that really is an ideal setup there. I usually don't see the payoff putting flowering plants outside to finish, but most people don't have such a great backyard!:) What I would give to be able to do this. Let me ask you do you prefer the indoor or the outdoor? I will always grow outside, but the indoor buds seem to blow them away. I don't have perfect Cali weather though. Let me know what you think.

    I'm running Sensi's durban, as well as the PPP from Nirvana, along with my new favorites Kandy Kush, and La Confidential. We will see.

    Good growin this year!

  5. Well it's purely dollars and cents, flowering outdoors saved me $500.00 verses flowering indoors.

    Outdoors is much easier to maintain, but you also have crazy weather and pest to deal with!
    My outdoors harvest is huge compared to my indoor harvest (outdoors I average 1-2.5lbs per plant) The real downside to outdoors here in So. Cali is the heat, it gets very hot here in July-Sept with temps running from 85-110 degrees. as i'm sure your well aware of the higher the temps the less likely your bud will be tight and compacted...I'm sure that is why Northern Cali has the ideal place for growing..they have cooler temps. I have a huge issue with caterpillars and thus I have to spray BT every Sunday night to keep them little fuckers from destroying my buds..I also use Garlic/pepper juice and am starting to experiment with Tobacco (i'm sure your aware the tomato plant is a cousin of the tobacco plant and thus it repels a lot of pest. However the caterpillars still chow down on them, so I use BT on them as well.

    Indoors you have total environmental control which allows for some very nice sticky tight compacted buds! However there is a much higher cost associated with indoor grows. My monthly electric bills runs from $120.00 to $400.00 depending on how many of my lights I have on, but there is also fans, dehumidifier, air conditioning, etc..so the cost rises as the summer heat comes on.

    Summary, I think having a indoor and outdoor garden is ideal because you can work year around and clone, prepare for the outdoors like having a greenhouse but better! I thought of a green house, but there is issues with keeping them cool in the summtime and I already have a out of control electric bill. :mad:
  6. Mj,

    What's good my friend? Hope your doing good. I can only imagine your smoking your fair share. Understatement of the day.

    That is some great insight into comparing the two. I will admit that I do not notice the electrical bill so much when my 250w is running...:D Bills that high are almost like paying for pot again.

    One thing I love about outdoors,(the way I have to do it at least) is setting up a spot fortifying it, and leaving them to do their thing. There is something to be said about pushing the foliage aside and seeing what a month or so does growthwise. I got a video from years back of my favorite spot, that I watch a few times a year.

    You definitely got the growbug, cool to watch it happen!

    Take care. Happy growin!
  7. Ohhhhhh MJjjjjjjjjj, where you at dude? C'mon and get your booty back here :devious::p

  8. Hi Buzz, sorry I been out of the loop for a bit. Certainly not because I have not been growing :D
    Update coming soon, i'll be stopping in this weekend, when maybe I can take a breather to catch up in GC:smoke:
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    After a long hiatus from posting in my threads, i'm back!! Long story, but the short of it is I had no camera, work has been busy as hell and of course why not, my Crohn's has been outta control for months...anyways here are some pics of my backyard girls who were vegged indoors for 50 days, then put out in the spring (April) and now have re-vegged! These two are about six foot tall now...:)

    There is also a pic of the Durban Poison girls...which started flowering because i had them in the shade for bit prior to planting in the ground.

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  10. OK just repped your other update, should have repped this one! I love your backyard. I'm bummed I managed to trample my 3 Durban poison girls this year. Those are going to get too big. Not as much camo this time around huh?

    Man I hope your health improves and you spend a bit more time updating!

  11. Tnanks Patrio..yeah they are about six foto tall now, so it's going to be interesting what they end up at..i'm letting them grow into their full potential...

    The Durban is a interesting plant, it's very sensitive though.. It flowered prior to putting in the soil just sitting under the eave of the house in pots..and it never re-vegged, so i was sorta bummed about that. But hey, it's a strain lesson I have under my cap..
  12. :hello: High MJ :D Glad to see you're just busy, I haven't been able to spend much time here either. :(

    But everything is looking mauvelous, nice looking plants you have there. ;)I have some veggers over 100 days old...:confused:

    You're doing great battling the elements. Challenging isn't it? :D:smoking:

  13. Thanks Buzz, nice to be back :D

    The elements in my climate are really not so tough, little wind, no frost until December and no rain to speak of until October or November...tough conditions...haha

    You on the other hand, i'm sure are dealing with much more climate change and short grow season being in Colorado in the mountains no less!
  14. Looks very nice. Keep it up buddy. Iooking forward to the updates.
  15. :wave:High Mj, I'm dropping in to check on you and the girls. I hope you are feeling better now. :smoke: Get back when you can... :poke::love:
  16. Thanks Corto! Update coming soon...

    Hey Buzz, thanks for stopping in. I am feeling ok, thanks for asking :)

    Working 12hr days and everyday including weekends! I should be done with this project next week and then I'll have some chill out time...Much NEEDED!!!

    Updates coming soon :D
  17. Here is a few pics of the Alaskan Ice and Satori in my backyard. I have a total of five outdoor plants and one indoor Sour D. mother plant. Total of six girls..

    The Alaskan Ice has yet to start flowering, hopefully soon as it's almost Sept.

    I'll be starting up some clones from the Sour D. soon to re-start my indoor room for winter...

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  18. Holy sheit!!!!! I wanted to see these. :eek: Woweeeeeee, those are some damn fine plants mista MJ! :hello:


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