Spring light during flower

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  1. Sup guys,

    i'm currently growing a plant in a closet . I use the most ghetto-ass setup you've ever seen (3x23w cfl in desk lamps, small pot to keep the plant small, oscillating fan, no ph reading etc) and my plant seems to be doing just fine. I switched to flower after about 25 days of veg.
    It's not even spring yet here i europe (it will be in a few days), but it is getting sunnier. Really sunny even some days.

    Now my question is: would it be wise to put my plant on my table in front of my window, with the cfl's still on them so they also get some direct sunlight. Would the sunlight be bad for the flowering phase in any way, since its not in the right color spectrum? Should they be fine as long as i keep a correct lighting schedule ?

    Also, should i expect a bigger yield by doing this? I will not be able to do this every day since it won't be sunny every day and even on sunny days there will be occasions where i just can't do it. (because my lights go on at about 10 am and shut off 10 pm, i can't put them on the table every sunny day cause i'm at work, and even if i can, sometimes it will just be for a few hours). Would it be worth the hassle of moving the plats and lamp every sunny day?

    btw: I plan on adding another 23w cfl as soon as i confirm my plant is female,i know 100w clf is on the low side. Would this be enough, or should i add the sunlight when i can?

    also, is it too late for lst when i started flowering?
  2. no, you can lst now, as long as your plants havent done their flowering growth spurt yet.

    as for moveing them into the sun, ide say forget it. more hassel than it is beneficial.

    add more CFL, not sunlight

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