Spring Break Road Trip

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  1. So its my Senior year in HS and a couple friends and I are planning on taking a road trip from Michigan down to Florida for our spring break. We are going to stay with my dad (who bought me an 1/8th for Christmas haha) and of course we plan on toking the whole way.

    Does any one here have any ideas for some sweet spots? I'm talking about some nice head shops or some sweet areas to smoke at that is on the way. We are more pumped for the ride down, so any side tours are welcomed. Also, do you guys have any advice about the drive, like what are the odds a cop will try and search our car or w/e if we get pulled over for speeding on the highway?

    Any does anyone who lives on the way down want to hook us up ;) haha
  2. To bad you guys aint going anywhere near the CO. But if you guys are token the whole way and you get pulled over you're pretty much fucked. Just drive chill and don't speed, keep in mind safe than sorry.

    As for places to stop, depends on which way you are going. You going through Ohio/Penn straight to the coast and driving down?

    Have a blast and blaze it up!
  3. What part of Florida you goin to?
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    Nothing really to add here but I'd just say your dad probably bought you a q but couldn't resist himself and it got shaved down to an eighth in the end ha ha

    If you can, try and end up in Cocoa Beach florida and check out Ron Jon Surf Shop (it's world famous). That's a cool place. We toked in the bathroom there on a church group trip.
  5. Haha, it did feel a little short...

    Pt.St. Lucie

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