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spring an all that it brings

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Apr 13, 2003.

  1. well for me, its the 4th year ina row that the of our pool has failed miserably, draining cleaning and filling one person a two day job. tomorow ill show you my finished project and you wont believe me..btw satan cut the grass today just as i hada good foot and half of water back in. when will he learn? when i cut the back yard believe me i manage to keepit ootta the kids pool (wich is unlike a reeaaal pool and hard as F to keep clean.

    now it also seems to be the time for lotsa runnin the chillins everywhere,so this evinin the 3year old an i ended up "cruisin" itsa nice day her window is down and damn if i cant help she loooves the shreck soundtrack..sooo no cruisin doing shreck again...people please dont stare at a mom that HAS to play shreck.

    found the dam the older two made in the creek today, so moms in water witha rake pulling apart logs. got wet, water was cold. ill givem credit they hada pretty nice start.

    someone older than the ten year old had to clean the alpo mines today...well i see he quit eatin crayons.

    annnnnnnnnnnnn for anyone who doesnt (yea right) i finnally got all new computer stuff......gave my boy the crank up model,...his friends just uped him on the cool scale. then i coaught them all gettin to porno.. 3 boys 10, 11, and 12 were tryin to "explain" to Me about boys

    im sure ill think of more crap later thats just all the stuff i did today!

    aah peace
  2. Damn. That's a lotta shit. lol

    The porn part is pretty humorous tho. As was the Shrek soundtrack. It's cool tho.

  3. I agree with that^^.
  4. HIGH All, *LOL* good to see the kids keeping you on your toes HIGHa. Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.
  5. boys, 10 11 12, wait about 2 yrs your comp is gonna be FULL OF PORNO!!! lol
  6. byw...the things hanging on the swingset are my sons targets i leftem for ya :)

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  7. an i gota nice "tan" :) that burns prettty damn bad

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  8. everyfreakin year :) im getting good at it now.
  9. i was a liiiitle worried about ths part.....
    *pats herself on theback, nice job higha, while wathcing a 3 yrd old* hehe

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  10. You made a hell of a chnge in that pool. Looking good!
  11. Can you come down and help me get the alagae out of my pond too?
  12. Poppa you need some blue stone and Crystal blue!!!!! It does wonders on my lakes!!!
  13. Wow, what a change... I'm not looking forward to opening ours. It is hard work, but fun when all the work is done.
  14. puffy the lAST thing you want me to help you with is your pond.less ya wanna buy new fish :) *see i killed my fish post an bought new ones somewhere*
    smokin&tokin, it really aint big big, :D thats jus must my photographing!hehe its 3n1/2 well 4foot lbut it all gets splashed out,leaked :) by 15 round good for the kids an nice to float in. ;)
    msmj, i jsut couldnt stand to look at it
    ruining my whole outdoor experience *nuthin like the splash of clean pool water*
  15. Skip college! Turn pro! You're good!

  16. I don't want all of it killed just someone to take a pitchfork and scoop up the floating mats out in the middle. I have some kind of water weed growing around the edge of my pond (swamp sunflower) and in late fall I have a 3 foot border around my whole pond that is bright yellow flowers. It looks very nice. Remind me this fall and I will take a piture of it for you.
  17. Will do!

    The nstuff I use doesn't kill everything. It is speciially made for ponds and small lakes.. It doesn't kill everything, just enough so you can fish with out getting tangled all the time..

    The crystal blue is like putting sunshades on your water!

    Keeps the sun from makeing the algee grow!!!
  18. lmao
    told ya been doing it fora long time, just finally got good at it :D


  19. You better be honest in your post. If not critter will tell on you!!! LMAO
  20. here we go agin....the POOL!
    this years bigger problem....
    seems it had a tiny hole in the liner near the bottom soooo during our "winter season" it has drained tremendously....well drained almost completley... then caved in,...whole new problem for me, well two, gotta find the hole and two i need to reconstruct the pool. at lest i know the hole is near the yea for me.
    i made the kids stop shooting at targets in my yard,...(someone hit the state bird last year, and cried for sweet little tomboy is a good shot. poor little birdie)but instead of shooting this years mess has been digging holes like moles, well way worse than moles because theyre diggin for treasure,..and treasure is deep. or so they think......sooo now in the back yard there are 3 or so 3oot deep holes that are more than an eyesite problem,....the baby now 4yrs old adds water to them makes mud pits and puts cats in them....and also herlef.huge waiting for it to warm up a little today, im tired of looking at my mess. and messy children and messy dog and the ocasion cat covered in mud. btw, my youngest just told me our house cat gets on her "nervous system"...............this would be the same cat i just had to climb a huge tree last night,huge tree, in front of people again (thanks neighbors for helpin even when i screamed ok i got the cat this part of the tree is dead, someone help me,see if i bring your beagle home ever again) i hate cats,....they also get on my nevous system.
    i had to tuck the cat into my shirt like a pouch,....hold the puch shut with my teath, and try like F to get back down,...why is always easier to climb a tree than get back down....i ended with a ten foot jump to the ground by this time i was squishing our house cat and she was not happy, she was also not happy about the jumping buisness.......the next time that cat gets out i hope she gets in a tree where my kids cant find it and stays there......
    pictures are comming...........LOL

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