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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by ash23, May 2, 2004.

  1. Well, good news everyone! It's time for me to start my grow journal!!! YAY!! As of today, my seeds are in day 1 of germination in their luxury suites (plastic bags with moist papertowels). I don't plan on disturbing their slumber for a few days, so I'll make sure to update as often as possible.

    To keep everyone up to date, I'll try to fill you in on what I can. If you've seen any of my other posts (for example: my growbox design), you'll know that I am working on an indoor greenhouse effect using a 3/8" pvc frame 4'W x 4'L x 6'H wrapped in thick plastic bought at a farm supply store (Farm & Fleet). At the time of designing I planned on having it in my basement for optimal light control for when I want perfect darkness, but then I decided on a smaller area, naming my closet. To get into more detail of how my "box" is designed, you might want to check my design at http://forum.grasscity.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=37783

    Beings my seeds are still germinating, I haven't fully put my box together as of yet (pics will be coming soon) I have modified it a little by splitting the door in half with another piece of pvc and running the fans beside the door because of the change in location. Which I will show, again, when I get my pics loaded.

    My plant selection comes from Marco at TreatingYourself.com. He was generous enough to supply me with 5 seeds each of: Magic Crystal Tall Version, Magic Crystal Short Version, Humbolt Snow and Snow Queen TY. From those 5 seeds each, I chose 2 out of each pack and put them in germination. (If you're wondering, none of my seeds were damaged in ANY way, great job marco if you're reading!)

    That's about it for now, I'll update it later with pics and then I'll keep you posted as to my progress!

    Stay High!

  2. Figured I'd show you all my Luxury Suites :)

    #1 This is Magic Crystal Tall Version, 2 seeds :D

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  3. #2 Humbolt Snow, 2 Seeds again. :D

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  4. #3 Snow Queen TY, again 2 seeds :D My favorite so far, seeds even looked delicious!

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  5. Lastly, #4 Magic Crystal Short Version :)

    Sorry for my pathetic camera right now. When things get moving a little better I'll switch over to the good one. Everyone, I'm sure, knows what seeds look like, so I won't go into much on that. Just wanted a few starter pics for this grow journal :) My next pics will be of the grow room when it's done. See ya in a couple of days :D


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  6. good luck
  7. 2 seeds of each doesnt give u very good odds.

    my suggestion is to germ 5 of 1 kind at a time.

    anyhow good luck.
  8. *sigh* I hate when you click submit when your done typing a huge ammount of stuff and then something happens like too many smilies, and you lose it all.

    Well to rethink myself over and to just skip to the point....

    Started out with 4 bags of 2 seeds in each bag. So far the success rate is 6 of 8. Amazingly, when I first ended the 3rd day I saw only 1 of each seed sprouting so I decided, "eh, what the hell... one more day won't hurt". Because of that decision I now have 6 out of 8 seeds growing instead of only 4. I wasn't ready for this type of turn over... like froggy said, it's low chances that I'd get more than 2 to grow. Now I need 4 more pots lol, but I don't have to worry about that till they pass the peat pot stage. For those of you wondering, the two types of magic crystal are the only ones that had 1 seed growing. That still gives me 2 magic crystal, 1 tall and 1 short, 2 Snow Queen's, and 2 Humbolt Snow's to work with :) Hmm what should I name my 6 lucky ladies? Any suggestions? One of the Snow Queen's is being named Shiva for sure... the rest I'm clueless on. Feel free to post ideas for names and make sure to say which plant.

    Humbolt Snow x2
    Snow Queen x2
    Magic Crystal Tall x1
    Magic Crystal Short x1

  9. well i think my point was that out of 2 seeds, u only got 50% chance of getting ladies x 2 germ'ed seeds. but that does not mean that 50% x 2 = 100% chance. could easily be 3/6 of ur batch is male. which 3, odds are that its one of ur single germ'ed.

    lets pretend u wanna make some f2's of some of the hard earned seeds u have? or more likely that one of the 1 germ'ed seeds are gonna be male (murphy's law) and ur gonna have to reboot somemore.

    i have found it easiest to grow out 1 batch of monoculture plants at a time. all BB or all jack. they all flower at the same time, look alike at same ages, harvest at the same time, etc. and...if i want to make some f2's, i have germ'ed 5-10 seeds and know im gonna get a few males and a few females to choose from.

    but i guess that is me, not u
  10. Froggy, I see your point, and welcome all suggestions. If I type or word something wrong don't take any offense to it. I'm always happy to receive tips, info, etc because I haven't been growing no wheres near as long as you. There is still a pretty good chance that there are mostly males, most likely with my luck, all but one are males lol! I'm not trying to go all out and make lots of money, instead I want to better my growing capabilities :)

    Until we speak next,

  11. Froggy, quick question... Do you prefer angled lighting or straight lighting?

    My closet ended up being 2 inches shorter than what I was told it was to be... odd how you make a room 46" instead of 48". Because of that I had to make a decision, keep the lights even and go diagonal across the closet.... or keep the lights straight across, but angle them down to where they fit.
    the room was stupid and ended up being
    46" long x 46" wide x 96" high. I'd go with HPS, but with being next to the highway in town, helicopters going over daily and stuff, I don't want to press my luck. So I'm sticking with 48" fluorescents with 1 warm 1 cold bulb in each fixture.

  12. I decided to pass some time by including some of the supplies used in my project for those interested in doing a cheap setup like me. My bulbs (pictured below and on next post) are from Sylvannia Co. I decided, after reading tips from others, to use alternating bulbs in my 2 fixtures of 1 cool and 1 warm. This way I get a more even cover of lighting so each is fairly balanced.


    PS. Sorry for the bad pics, my camera is very shitty (wal-mart model lol) My other one isn't working right now so, and I'm really hoping it gets fixed before things move along too far...

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  13. here's a better copy of the 2 lights together with my alternate mylar, an emergency blanket from Wal-mart. They work out pretty well, just have to work around their sizes.

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  14. This fan I got from a rummage sale for 2 dollars, not bad at all :) works great, just needed the blades dusted off.

    The bulbs from Sylvannia were 2.99 for a 2 pack which was a great deal, the light mounts I got dirt cheap at Wal-mart for 8.00 each clearance :) The emergency blankets cost 2.99 each at Wal-mart... a good 2-3 of em will do a closet easily.

    All in all on supplies I spent:

    Seeds $5 dollars
    1/2" PVC for frame (40 feet) $3.56 (.89 for 10 feet)
    PVC Fittings (8 corner 4 t's) $1.68 (.14 each)
    Dual Fan w/ intake and exhaust $2.00
    2 Shelving brackets $1.98 (.99 each)
    pkg of 16 peat pots $1.99
    6 1.5 gallon pots $12.00 (2.00 each)
    Potting Soil $1.50
    K-Gro 30-10-10 Fert. $5.00 for 5lb box
    Plastic Wrap for Sensory Control $8.50 for 15' x 20' 9mil

    I'll update my price sheet later because I know I'm not done, but so far my setup is very cheap :)

    Until tomorrow....


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  15. have you considered the cfls? you could get more lumen output and save on space, heat and electricity with them. looks like youre going with an 80 watt setup thats not going to evenly distribute light to your seedlings. it would be more effective to upgrade to 5 or 6 26watters at 1700 lumens each. you should have some nice squat bushy prospects under that type of light condition.
  16. Yeah, I was thinking about upping my lumens with some spiral fluoro's. Right now money is REALLY tight so I'm living with what I got. Shit I barely had enough for my active yeast. $5.98 at Wal-mart. In case you aren't sure why I need yeast.... I'm making a CO2 generator.

    For those interested... Here's how:

    For a perminate Co2 generator get a bucket and fill it with water a milk jug works very well and warm water too. Now add a but load of sugar about 3 or 5 cups should do. Now stirr or shake the sugar into a solution. Next add active yest to this fornula and whammo tou have a liveing breathing C02 factory. Every week remove and replace a forth of the water and add a few teaspones of sugar and youll get a nice Harvest. The thing is the more or larger of these genorators will have a higher yeild of Co2.

    Ventalation, for a genorator like this it wont fill your chamber right away so let it go naturally and connect a latex tube to the generator and into the chamber. also because Co2 is thicker than air youll need to watch your tempurature, Because it is most likely to go up a little bit.

    This was quoted from a post (can't remember off of which right now too baked) and I don't take any credit except that it's in my post :)

    Around where I live, this weekend is the city wide garage-sales, I'm going to see if I can pick up some stuff cheap... if not, look for me waving a donation can around in a city near you lol!

    I'm getting lucky right now, I've been able to get most of my stuff dirt cheap... it may be low quality, but for me and the funds that I have... I think I'm doing top-notch for what I have.
    OH! I have all my plants named! The 2 Snow Queens are Isis and Shiva... The one Humbolt is named Scarlet... The Magic Crystal SV is named Kaia... My two Magic Crystal TV's are named Sparkles and Alora. Kaia has broken the surface today from her first day in a pot... she's going to be a wild one I can tell! I give the others until mid-day tomorrow to get up to where I can see them.

    It's just so great seeing something you grow on your own turn into something you just want to smoke the shit out of LOL!

    anyways, before I make anymore mistakes and have to correct them, I'm going to bed... nite all!


    Don't worry, pics will be up either tomorrow or the day after. Once they all start growing I'll go weekly unless things change.
  17. I was working on my grow room in my closet and all of a sudden I got very dizzy (probably because I hadn't eaten in 3 days) and toppled over backwards... all in all I tore a nice chunk out of my Mylar, but I'm hoping to get back on track today... Although my "helper" doesn't seem to be able to come over much. It's always fun trying to staple down mylar and keep it smooth with one person.

    Happy days are still around though... I started with 8 seeds in germ bags... lost 2. Put 6 in peat pots and set them on a tray in a slightly dark and warm place. Low and behold 5 out of the 6 so far have sprouted, and I mean like almost 3". I decided to put the 6th one out in her own little area and got ready to put the rest of the lucky ladies in 1 1/2 gallon pots. Lighting starts tomorrow :D

    Can you believe it... I think CWL jinxed me. Now MY camera doesn't want to work.... grrr. I'll update asap with pics all. It's like things just aren't working for me lately... Until next I post...


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