Spring 2019 Canada

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  1. Gettin ready for June.
    Gotta weed out a few males as they show.
    Plants are
    Red cherrt berry #1
    Bruce Banner#2
    Red cherry berry #2
    Bruce banner #1
    Gorilla glue #2
    1's and 2's signify seed number not pheno's
    Fingers crossed its a good summer.

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  2. Love that structure !! Im canadian also btw haha xD tryin my hands on some autos this year

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  3. Goin into 17gallon tubs with happy frog and ocean forest soil..
    Just.gotta wait for weather to turn..few weeks to go
  4. Yea got mine going in 15 gals in my greenhouse hopin it comes out well

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  5. Looks like maybe both the Gorilla Glue and AK47 #2's are leaning toward male - long branches with sparse internode sites. But you never can tell. I've also seen compact plants with close spaced internodes go male.
  6. Yup...got another gg goin now..
    The red cherry berry #1 showed female today..

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