Spreading Rep Around?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by ...Spliff!, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. How the hell do I do it!

    I need to +rep someone again as they have been a great help to me and others but I repped them a few days ago...

  2. gotta give a bunch of peole rep before u can repeat rep form someone

    its so like, i cant like + rep u ten times in a row and give u mad points. I gotta rep u, then like, idk how many, but like 10 other people, before i can rep u again.
  3. Say i rep you Spliff, I have to rep im pretty sure the number is 5 other people before i can rep you again.
  4. so how do i rep someone? sry im a noob lol
  5. I am so surprised people dont scan the whole commenter menu bar, the scale in the corner want2beme2 is how you rep.

  6. click this [​IMG] button (its at the top right corner of every post) and rep someone. you can +rep or -rep.
  7. thanks alot sry i missed that lol i looked everywhere on how to do it before i asked so it wasnt like a oh idk what to do so i'll ask :p

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