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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by chronic209, May 17, 2010.

  1. As a child growing up in New York I remember the constant voices of various adults, teachers and officers telling us that drugs are evil and if you do them you die. As I grew older and went into the junior high school I realised that none of these people were backing up their points with any sensicle arguments other than "it's illegal". At around this point in my life I became very interested in drugs. I began researching marijuana online and found that there were no legitimate sources giving negative effects of marijuana other than the fact that it caused temporary short term memory loss. I was now determined to try marijuana so over the summer between 7th and 8th grade i actively seeked it out. I tried marijuana for the first time and nothing bad happened to me. I was furious. Why was everyone telling the youth of america that marijuana was so bad. Why would they want to hide this from us. After that point in my life I was determined to convince as many people as I could to try marijuana and see how wrong societies view on the drug really was. Now that I am older I realized that i shouldn't have been trying to convine people to try marijuana, I should have been informing them about it and letting them choose if they wanted to try it after they were educated about the effects and benefits of the drug. I then made it my mission to inform people about marijuana. I found many useful documentaries and articles and showed them to my friends and other acquaintances. Especially those who had been misinformed or for some reason had a strong dislike towards anything they were told was wrong. Many of the people I showed these documentaries to changed their opinions on society, the government and marijuana use. Many of them asked me to try it and have informed others about this harmless drug aswell. Now im going to help you spread this knowledge to people at your school place of work or just people you know. I burnt dvd's of these documentaries and loaned these to my friends. I am making these documentaries available to you so that you can inform yourselves and others of marijuanas benefits. I downloaded the best documentary that i could find out of the many that i saw. To burn it to a dvd I had to compile the documentary into the right format and then make an ISO image out of it which could then be burnt to a dvd and played on household dvd players. Everyone should have access to this documentary so I compiled the ISO image along with a freeware dvd burner into a torrent file. Here is the link.

    HIGH - The True Tale Of American Marijuana Torrent - btjunkie

    If you have the right equipment you can burn this to a dvd and share the knowledge of marijuana with many people. to do this you will need.

    A disk drive in your computer capable of burning dvd's and a blank 4.7gb DVD.

    Use you favorite bittorrent program to download the torrent in the link above. In it you will find an ISO image and a dvd burning program. put your blank dvd in your disk drive. open the burning application and select burn an iso imags to a disk. point the program to the iso image that was in the torrent and walaa your now burning an educational marijuana documentary that will spread knowledge and inform the world. If you have any questions on this process please ask in the comments or pm me. Thank you for reading.

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