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  1. How many petitions and change.org campaigns is it going to take before you realize that Obama has absolutely no interest in legalizing Cannabis. He has a legacy to protect.
  2. change.org is bullshit I gave up on their crap months ago

  3. they have a whole section titled victories....
    what are you retarded?
    if you dont wanna do anything to help others then keep youre bullshit to youreself
  4. It's not bullshit it's a statement of fact. You may want to hide your head in the sand but the rest of us know Obama isn't that answer. Nor does he want to be. He is the first black president. He cannot allow that legacy to be sullied by any stereotypes or scandals. Biden is the original Drug Czar. The drug war is his baby. He started it all. There is no way in Hell we will see legalization while Obama is in office. I don't blame him. He inherited a load of shit and it just keeps getting deeper. He has more important shit to deal with than recreational drug use. President Obama has pulled off some near miracles during his first year in office. It's amazing. He also made some serious blunders. Who wouldn't? But it isn't his job to legalize Cannabis. It's ours.

    As I have stated before and so have many others on this board. The answer is a state by state campaign to legalize. We have the power to place people in office that will listen to us. AT A LOCAL LEVEL. Here is where the ball gets dropped. Locally? You mean I have to get involved? And actually do shit? Like... walk and ummm... talk.. and interact with real people? It's so easy to punch some keys on a computer and say you're an activist. Put your money where your mouth is, get out there and start campaigning. Call your local representatives and see where they stand on legalization. Back the pro candidates. Get others behind you. Get active.

    If YOU aren't willing to do this? Then YOU keep your bullshit to yourself.
  5. is there a database of links for MJ activism in some thread somewhere? If there is, ye best bet is to find it. There are legitimate institutions working on this project, check them out. The Coalition for Rescheduling Cannabis, NORML... local chapters of NORML. Your best best is also, to continue contacting and sending emails to your local congressmen/women, governors, whitehouse.gov as well as the American Medical Association and other medical associations. A change especially in the institutions related to medicine, especially mental health and pharmaceutical medicine, is really crucial to make a change in this country. It's really a sad situation right now, in more ways than I can express in a simple post:(
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    dude you can write a wall of text
    but in the end i run a chapter of P.U.F.M.M. in one of the harshest drug war states in the us(florida)
    i do more work for marijuana in one week then you probaly have done for the whole movement.
    i get people out on the street educateing people.teaching them about people like rick simpson.
    i print out hundreds of petitions and make craploads of signs with my girl out of my wallet for other people.(what do you do?)

    1.dont tell me I need to get active
    2.their are plenty of other things on that site that have won because of the petitions. the world isnt about legalizeing weed thiers alot worse going on right now.
    3.if all you care about is weed youre a selfish shithead end of story

    do youre homework before you call someone out kid.
  7. and as for this whole thread good job sam.
    if you dont have the wallet or time at least youre trying something.
    i know plenty of people that could help but just sit around, dont be like those people =)

    i dont care to argue with pessimism so im done here.
    this is a marijauna movement and we have people like the totah raining death on anyone who isnt him.

    we should be working together.
  8. The Obama administration will never support the legalization of cannabis. He has said it so many times I'm not sure why any of you think it'll happen on his watch. He couldn't care less about you or anyone but his own narcissistic self, and like every other corrupt politician he's in the pocket of big business.

  9. the one thing totah stated truthfully earlier was that this must be done on a state by state level.

    so what if he doesnt support it.

    if we have all these states change thier laws, whats he gonna do say the fedral government controls it xD?


  10. Unfortunately, despite the Constitution, we are in a day and age where Federal > State. That's not how it was meant to be. The DEA will still be busting people until we get the laws changed at the Federal level.

  11. And as long as we have people like Michele Leonhart running the DEA, willing to overrule her own DEA judge to lift the block on medicinal research... yeah I'd say we have a lot of work to do still.
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    I'm not getting into a pissing contest with you about who has done more. But let me tell you this. New Mexico (a border state) has Medical Marijuana in our state. Why? Because, I and those like me, busted our asses to get the ball rolling and getting the bill passed. WE did this. New Mexicans. And I'm proud to say I did a great deal to help it along.

    If you're SUCH an activist and you know SO much about this movement then you would know that Obama has no intention of legalizing or even decriminalizing.

    New Mexico. One of the most conservative states in the Union has MM. A border state with Mexico. If we can do this, then why the hell can't you? Yeah and ditto. Do YOUR fucking research before you start flinging shit around and calling other people's posts bullshit.

    P.S. you better go easy on those negative reps. Turn about is fair play.
  13. Im glad my state, will be in the top 5 first to legalize states....but, im not signing any petition unless obama himself presents it to me.

  14. Change.org can sit there and get whatever victory they want but you will never see Cannabis Legalization listed as one of their victories. NEVER.

    Also, you really need to not attack us here. We are all on the same side in this, you can sit there and go about and say oh you do this and that and how were just lameducks who aren't as much of an activist as you say you are, but in the end were all singing the same tune bro. Shit like this is why it may not happen, like the growers in humboldt against legalization. Going after each other isn't gonna make it happen.
  15. We are all on the same side. Take it out of the fuckers that keep a PLANT illeagal. daa fuck is that shit?!?!?!

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