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spraypaint art

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Delta_Nine, Apr 23, 2010.

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  2. I like watching the guys in Vegas do that
  3. Damn man thats awesome
  4. That's pretty sick :smoking:
  5. Those look really familiar, have you posted them here before? Either way they're sick. I really likehow they look all planety :)
  6. theres a guy that does that on my local strip for tourists, fucking a tourists but i always stop and watch its so fucking cool...
  7. Damn man you got a lot of talent.

    Spray paint just never works right for me, so I'm in awe by your work. So awesome
  8. Holy shit man, A+++ work! When I was in Vegas I saw guys doing this and it totally blew my mind. It's so awesome you can do this!
  9. thanks everyone. its easier than you might think. im practicing more this year and getting better at it quickly
  10. Holy shit that is good. You should start making your mark on buildings :devious:
  11. nice art homie, next time I get a hold of some cans I'm gonna try it.

    I seen this last year and been wanting to do it since, just haven't had any cans for a bit..
    [ame=]YouTube - Spray paint art 1[/ame] I love the techniques of this style of art. Simple yet very effective.
  12. you cant really do em on buildings and stuff... it requires a glossy surface
  13. i was thinkin the same thing...
  14. how much ya charge?
  15. Wow you are a genius! NICE WORK
  16. They look cool, I wanna try to make one
  17. Good Job man! I'm just starting to make some of these and mine really dont compare
  18. its like 25 for an average sized painting
  19. I've done this before! It really is very simple to do, but not anyone has an eye for design and compostition like you do. Very nice!
  20. had this done along time ago but you sir have crzy skills its amazing to watch it be done

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