Spraying your plants with bubble water?

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  1. In "I grow chronic" this green dude says he uses bubble water to spray his plants every day to give them CO2.

    What do you think?
  2. sounds legit to me. my only question would be how fast does the plant "breathe in" the CO2, i.e. are the carbon bubbles going to escape from the area too fast?
  3. how are you getting bubble water, with a fishtank bubbler, if so then your just adding oxygen to the water not co2.
  4. no, I was thinking on buying bubbler water from a store...those drinking waters usually come with bubbles
  5. u mean like carbonated water? yeah that could work or at least it couldnt hurt the plant i'm interested to see if it really helps

  6. Uhhh, how do I say this nicely : that's pretty....pretty.....weird... (ahum)

    Water becomes more acidic if you dissolve CO2 in it (acid rain anybody?).

    CO2 & H2O -----> CO- & O2 & 2H+, right guys?

    The H+ parts = acid = bad news.

    The CO2 needs to meet the plant in a gasseous state before it can become assimilated.

    You should the bubble water die next to your plant.
    Meaning, let it bubble in a glass next your plant.
  7. If you were to let the water bubble next to your plant, would any type of carbonated liqiud work? such as soda or whatever.
  8. dont really know could be good idea , not entirely sure urgr8testfear .and even if that reaction is correct I don't think a little h+ is so bad for your plant

    but i'd say stick with normal water , drink the carbonized one
  9. The CO2 would not dissolve into the water and chemically change it, otherwise every time you opened a Coke you'd be drinking a bottle of acid. In soda the CO2 is infused as a gas, pushed into the water (actually amongst the water) by pressure.

    The idea of opening a soda next to your plant for CO2 enrichment has been examined before. What I remember about it is that somebody much smarter that I am got out a calculator or a slide rule and basically concluded that the amount of CO2 let out by one soda won't make a difference to your plant. Don't ask me about two sodas, ten sodas, etc. -- I don't remember the numbers just the general conclusion that you could just breathe on your plants and give them more CO2.
  10. id have to agree with the toaster on this:)
    you're better off drinking the soda water and feeding reg-or purified from the faucet.
    CO2 is the hardest easy thing to get into the grow room n if it ever became that that was the way to do it for the poor hippy then id have to kick myself for a long long time.
  11. I have Co2 is not cheap and there is so little in carbonated water. You actually exhale more than what is given off from carbonated water.
  12. i add a lil hydrogen proxide to my water its good for it. alot of ppl use it in there hydroponic systems.
  13. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is completely different. It is a solution that delivers oxygen, not carbon dioxide, in gas form. Pure oxygen actually is lethal to many life forms, including algae and many bacteria. It is used for cleaning hydroponic systems. Some soil growers also use it to sterilize and oxygenate their soil. However, on the flip side, some advise against it for soil, believing that it kills beneficial bacteria as well.
  14. taken not from gc, but many swear by it

  15. I used to do this...

    Then one day I sat down and worked out about how much CO2 was being produced (from the carbon content of the sugar being fed to them). Well, when you factor in the ventilation in a grow room it adds only a tiny, tiny amount to the already small amount of CO2 already in the atmosphere.

    You could argue that the grow will later recycle this CO2 from elesewhere around the house (if that's where intake air comes from). Well, when you compare the amount of CO2 given off by even a large setup of yeast solution compared to the amount given off by a single human it's still tiny (just for scale think about the amount of 'food' consumed by a human compared to a yeast culture. The CO2 given off differs roughly in proportion as well).

    So, bottom line, don't bother. If you have ventilation, the CO2 is removed with that. If you recycle air through the house, you will be providing a lot more CO2 all by yourself.
  16. There is a homemade Co2 contraption in the overgrow FAQ if you can find it. There is quite a few links to find it here if you type it in the search engine. basically you get a bucket of water, throw a piece of bread on the water then pour some liquid yeast on top of the bread. You then put a lid on and a chemical reaction is supposed to happen releasing Co2. This is just the basics, theres more to it I'm sure.

    I was planning on doing this for my growbox, I was just gonna use a bottle instaed of a bucket and hook up a hose that would be placed along the walls with little holes to release the Co2 throughout the box. what do you think?
  17. having just seen arsefaces post and having no experience at this, I have a question... Although humans would obviously give off more Co2 they wouldn't be in there the whole time like the bottle would, so it should still help more then without it right?
  18. YES! Sacrafice your Cola if you will, but its not efficient in any way I can think of.

    Funny you should mention that. The Coke you drink is indeed acidic. It is know that if you drink enough of this stuff for years on end, you can actually burn through parts of your digestive system.

    Acid rains are caused mainly by CO2 release from burning fossile fuels. It makes needles trees drop their lower needles amongst other things.

    The most efficient way of adding CO2 I have seen is pumping a 30KW:D propane gas powered central heating system's exhaust fumes into a greenhouse.
    Ofcourse this can be mighty dangerous, so don't try this at home!
  19. i just watched it yesterday. he did say to use the carbonated water to spray your plants ? wonder if it would work? but hell my plants work and i never gave them co2 at all? prolly doesn't matter but u could try it on one plant and see if theres a diff.
  20. Well if someone was able to seal off there grow space for flowering during the "night" hours, could they just inject co2 directly into the grow box and just let it sit there until it is the "day" hours and then turn on the fans?

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