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spraying weed with bug spray?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LovetheLime, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. I at first time hearing this was like "bug spray is deadly" why would anyone do this? I hear of people spraying shit with bug spray to try n get it more potent or something. is this for real? do people really do this? does it really have an effect?
  2. The only reason you should ever spray bug spray on your ganja is if you are growing, and your plants are infested... Even then some sort of organic type would be preferable over toxic chemicals.
  3. I read in another thread a few minutes ago that somebody actually does this. Sounds pretty fucking stupid to me.
  4. Even if it's safe (which is very, very hard to believe) I still wouldn't. Now you're trying to get your high, even high. Just like a meth or another drug addict would and try to get their high stronger.

    It's a plant, don't try to make it something it's not. If you want a stronger high, try topping a bowl with a little bit of hash.
  5. a TON of the weed we all smoke was prolly sprayed with pesticides, well maybe not a ton, but but weed that comes from big outdoor ops use pesticides and other chemicals on their bud, theres all sorts of stuff to make buds bigger, heavier, and all sorts of stuff to keep bugs away. its not like the illegal weed industry is regulated in any way, this is one of the major benefits to legalization, so you can know whether its organic, or genetically modified or whatever

  6. :hello:
  7. this is why i only buy indoor, but who knows i'm pretty sure people put shit on indoor plants also.

    i personally wouldn't spray anything on my weed, safe or not.
  8. I'm not talking about growing it im saying

    somone goes and buys weed, that is not sprayed with anything(cept for maybe whatever in the growing period) and takes it and sprays some raid or something on it when they get home. lol.

    that is what im asking.

    i've heard of this before, and i just wonder is this real? do people REALLY do this?

    i never did any of that, but im curious if this is all legit? like does it get you high or something?
  9. never heard of someone making this on purpose, but i've seen people buy it on accident and hate it
  10. bug spray is a poison...'nuff said on that...

    as to the morons that want o smoke bug spray to get high...they make Darwin smile...:D

  11. i made a post about 'no dumb questions, only dumb answers' not long ago... i take it back.

    not calling the op dumb, but seriously?!
  12. You should really question your public schools if you think smoking anything that has bug spray on it is a good idea.
  13. Pesticides are placed on growing marijuana plants to avoid an infestation which would end up doing a lot of damage. Most growers (should) use pesticides that have a "Safe on edibles" stamp meaning that farming would put this same stuff on corn, tomatoes, eggplants, and other things that people end up consuming; same with marijuana. Most preferably though is something organic with even less toxins.
  14. uggh. im just wondering do people really do this? why do they do it? does it get them high? or does it have another reason why?

    im not going to smoke fucking bug spray, lmao.
  15. I've never heard of bug spray, but I did buy a gram off of a 13 year old a few years ago, that was sprayed with Old Spice deodorant. It smelled dank, but it was only after I started smoking it with a friend that we realized it was sprayed with Old Spice. The high was incredibly intense, and left me with a terrible headache.

  16. yes it does get you high, it has some chemical reaction that when you smoke it the weed gets to your brain twice as quick and its also like 3x stronger because bug spray has a chemical called Krypto-krono-cunalite

    theres a special strain out there with this ingredient, its called "deaf" you hit that shit twice and you cant hear SHIT! :smoke:
  17. Ok what does bug spray do. It's poison used to kill bugs. So spraying poison on your weed and then smoking it is an amazing idea.

    Go for it rocket scientist... but honestly, I doubt you graduated elementary school.
  18. This is why people hate America... This does not even belong in apprentice tokers...

  19. nah i think its because of wars hehe
  20. no just don't. don't even think about it.

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