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  1. I've seen on some videos people spraying their plant after they water/feed it. Is what they're spraying it with just water? and why is this done?
  2. Simple. Don't spray anything on your plants.
  3. Hmm, i have misted my girls every day for 3 months and they seem happy.I have used safers soap at lights out before too.They wilted a tad.I dont think it hurts them with just water tho.If there is a reason not to i would like to hear it.:confused:
  4. It is ok to spray with water every other watering day. From what i understand, the plants do absorb some of the water and it helps prevent any pests from settling on your plant. Just DON"T spray when you have your lights on and don't overdo it. Do it when you have your lights off period.
  5. Im confused as to why though...everyone says dont but no-one says why.best i can discern is that the droplets act like magnifying glasses on the leaf causing hot spots., but under proper venting the drop is gone before heat can build up..I think the original Op just wanted to know why.Honest question, one that i would like to know also....so Why.
  6. I for one have a big heat problem because where I live its so hot, even a perfect ventilation system can't make the temperature drop below what it is outside.

    Today I noticed what seems to be heat burns that look like stains and I'm pretty sure its because of misting cause of how it looks. I think I will stop spraying for a while or at least until winter kicks in.
  7. Feed your plant everything it needs through it's roots. Do everything you can to keep the humidity levels as low as possible. Your harvest will come out a lot better if you never spray them. The plant will react to a dry climate by making more trichromes.
  8. i water my plant everyday due to heat problems my plant is doing fine
  9. ya it will be fine untill u get light burns on ur leaves
  10. I spray clone domes to raise humidity, and I spray through veg only when pest problems demand it.

    I do not spray anything in flower anymore; it's always had some detrimental effect.

    Hi Rumple!

    I can see how you can forget about veg with such a short cycle ;), but what about the nursery?

    Do you not spray your clone trays?
  11. Clones are a whole nother thing. Spraying clones is a real good idea.
    I used to spray my clones when i used grow-plugs and a humid-dome to make them.
    I switch to a cloning machine. The machine (just misters hooked to a pond pump) makes a ton of humidity, so i don't mist them anymore.

    Also keep the clones small (no branches), just two leaves. Cut the leaf points in half, so the clone does not have to try and feed a bunch of leaf cells it does not need.

    Peace, R.

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