Spraying Flowering Plant with Water???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by AndrewBud, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. I have a small about 4 foot tall marijuana plant (indica) its been budding for about a month now.

    Is it good or bad to spray the plant with a mist of water once and a while?

    Why ?

    Thanks for any comments :D

  2. From what I hear it is BAD as the H20 will promote mold and fungi
  3. Crazy: what about outdoor plants from dew and rain?

    My uncle had some plants in Quebec growing in the mountains and its really humide and rains alot and they were beautiful.

    didnt ask about moldy buds.

    that would suck

  4. As long as it is only a mist & not a soaking, & not everyday, you'll be ok.
  5. Not knocking your reply just adding.
    I'm a newbie to the site but growing for years.

    I get fog were I'm at and if the "dew" gets heavy enough it will follow the leaves down to the buds and sit. Fans and light wind are your friend indoor or outdoor. Last year I did get bud mold and took out about 1 1/2 oz's.
    I know I will get some this year but I am doing everything in my power to prevent that.
    I cover mine now with netting from home of d-pot at night when I know the temps and wind drop. (green tennis netting or any other color) I also cover them when the sun is at its peak in aug. keeps from burning the hairs.

    This is just my opinion and what I've done for years and works great.
  6. Id advise against it. Just because the fact that your plant is an indica which means its better suited in dry environments and excessive humidity can cause mold whereas sativa are better suited for more humid environments which is was most likely what your uncle was growing.
  7. Hydrogen Peroxide people,
    learn how to use it if you have mold or fungus on the mind.
    not only does it prevent both, but it also kills both.
    I have no choice but to tend to my outdoor crop during the night,
    and I spray them every 2-3 days.....@ night.
    a couple drops in a spray bottle will do it, be careful not to overdo it though or youll be sorry!

    spraying is good for your plants as long as it doesnt sit long enough to go stagnant.
  8. yes it dries really fast it never sits there long.

    how much peroxide would you put in a 1Litre botle of water?

    do you use tap water or?

    Thanks for the replys.


    Heres a few pics from this morning :D



    growing reefer is fun :)
  9. looking nice..
  10. in a litre of waterid just put like 2 drops,
    but you prolly dont need it, your plant looks fine to me.
    and if it dries quickly you have nuthin to worry about.
  11. Oh you would only use it if you have signs of mold?

    is it true that indica's like it dryer?

    Thanks for the comments..

  12. if you dont need it, dont use it,
    as long as your plants are dry for 90% of the day or so, with humidity levels around 50% you will have no major issues, if any @ all!
  13. Im pumped the buds look smokable already but im not touchin' them until the trichomes are 100% amber.


    Happy Growing

  14. check out my thread outdoor buds already, theyre only 3 weeks in, and theyre huge already!
  15. awsome stuff.
  16. Complete newbie here. If already damanged plant by spraying alot, if i stop will the plant heal itself and everything work out?
  17. There's no reason to do it, though it probably would not do any harm unless it's an excessive amount.

    the plants can handle the rain and stuff when they are outdoors, but remember that outdoors almost always comes with a larger risk of losing buds to mold/pests/etc.
  18. Im growing indoors in oregon where its legal too. I made the mistake of listening to a friend, i know my mistake, but he told me to spray them once dailey. My plant is 3weeks old and been spraying for last week and a half... is there hope?
  19. ya just stop spraying them

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