Spraying clones with neem?

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  1. How soon can I spray my clones in order to prevent infestation?
  2. As soon as you like. Neem is actually beneficial to vegetation and if used weekly, it supposedly will create a nice barrier in the long run. If I am not mistaken, Neem only lasts for about a week and breaks down with light, so be repetitive is kinda necessary.

    Also be sure to spray the perimeter of your grow area to fend off anything trying to work their way in.

    Good luck!
  3. IMO wait till they are established.... I know at least in the instance of seedlings you don't want to use the neem until the plants can withstand it... even small plants in veg will die if you use too much neem... dilute to 5 ml per gallon because the oil will stick to the leaves as the water drips off.
  4. I dip my cuttings in a 2x strength neem mix and here's what I do, cut,scarify,dip in cloning gel,dip in neem mix,trim leaves,insert in rockwool or coco. my mothers get sprayed with neem every 7-10 days also.
  5. i never give cuts anything until they root. also, it isn't necessary to apply "things" in anticipation of a problem. respond "after" the plant displays a problem....
  6. Neem isn't something that's bad for plants and I've never seen it hurt young plants. Even canna clubs use neem on their baby clones they sell. When I bring them home they have the shiny coating on them and classic neem smell. As long as you dilute the oil to the right concentration it should be fine. If anything it could help the plant not dry out while it roots.

  7. what's a 2x strength? dyna gro at 30ml per gallon? do you emulsify it?

    Just fyi, using too much neem will kill your plant.... especailly if there's a wound on the stalk that leaves an opening to the stalk interior and it gets soaked with neem. I'm not sure about clones, but I am sure that seedlings are more vulnerable to 'death by neem' than established plants.
  8. Ive been having problems with fungal gnats so I just want to head them off before they decide to get into my clones. I keep all my stuff clean but they still find their way...dont what else to do except put stuff out to keep them away.
  9. neemresource.com

    the neem cake is the best, I've been told. thing is 50% of the cost is shipping from india.

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