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Sprayed weed??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blazngkong, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone hows it going,
    So I got this stuff early... smells ok lil bit piney bit cheesy also.. smokes ok but its very weak.. compareds to the amount of crystals on it ,and with the amount of crystals on it theres not that much stick. Its a small but sticy but with the amount of crystals im thinking it should be super sticky.. some pics provided below

    So you guys think this shit is sprayed 1461876197912.jpg 1461876211177.jpg 1461876228823.jpg 1461876239442.jpg 1461876260213.jpg 1461876273625.jpg 1461876283774.jpg

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  2. Looks like nice green, if you had a headache after smoking or if the weed gives off a cleaning product type of smell then it could be sprayed. From those images though it just looks like nice weed.
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  3. Nah it smokes all right.. just its real weak.. its like the amount of crystals dont do it justice. Its smells like a type of cheese.. its hardly under cured?

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  4. crystal does not always mean thc ive had some dank looking buds from the local dispensary but they were nearly a 1:1 thc cbd ratio the bud is probably still good just different from what you are used to,
  5. Does it looked sprayed tho man.. yeah I had a solid indica earlier in the week was very strong smelling and sticky and would do the job. And got this today. It does fuck all comparing to the stuff id earlier in the week. But looks good.

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  6. I can't really tell from looks I mean i dont even know if i have seen sprayed bud before i try to only buy the best i can get but i'd imagine a sprayed bud would be sticky it looks pretty dry to me aswell and i dont think sprayed bud would be dry. that also would explain why its not sticky i have some fire right now and its the end of my bag so its gotten pretty dry and crumbly but is still covered in crystals
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    It's highly doubtful anybody sprayed it to make it weaker or appear christally. It's just weaker bud then youre used to. Maybe it wasn't harvested when the trichomes were at their peak. Trics are the "crystals" you see. Or it could just be a weak strain
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  8. I say it all the time here... you can't judge a bud by it's cover. I've had pretty weed that as shit and shitty looking weed that was the absolute bomb. That shit looks really good, it just doesn't have enough THC.
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  9. That looks like great weed, dude. Doesn't looks sprayed to my eyes at all, just looks well done to me. I'm sorry the potency isn't up to par, but I think you're in the clear, otherwise.

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  10. I believe that if you take a nug and drop it in a glass of water it will have shit coming off of it if it's sprayed or has any kind of chemical additive on it.
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  11. Yeah im thanks for replying whoever did. I smoked 8/9 jays tonight. Its ok just real piney .. leaves the gaff smelling great, kinda skunkie mixed with pine more jeavy on the pine side tho. Its not a great hitter tbh.
    Its just usually i wud get stuff thats real sparkly and it would just headlock ya.. This stuff its more mellow and euphoric or something.

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  12. Yeah just tried that with a small nug earlier. Apart from a small leaf coming off it was grand like. I ate it then, had no taste, apart from how it smelt. I think he said it was sativia dominant strain. Id usually be getting dominant indica strains.
    Its a dealer, so yano. His word wouldnt mean much to me cos at end of day his priority is the benjamins.

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