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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GreenoTea, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. Hey blades, I've been smoking for quite a few years now and lived all over the UK. I live in Brighton now and for the past two years I've seen the prevalence in sprayed weed get more and more. I now struggle to find clean weed. I don't mean weed that hasn't been flushed, I'm talking about people adding chemicals and powders to increase the weight and make it look DANK!

    Two years ago i didn't even believe it existed... In Brighton it's almost the all you can get. Even my old school dealers have fallen. Many of my mates don't even realise they are smoking sprayed weed, they just say its just not been flushed. Now I have shown them what to look for they have come to the realisation that they have been smoking sprayed weed for some time.

    As a stoner I don't know how growers and dealers are getting away with it as it taste so bad.

    I just want to know if any UK stoners have experienced sprayed weed recently and to what extent if you have.

    Going by the fact my fellow stoners in brighton keep giving me "great contacts" with "dank" bud that keeps turning out to be sprayed weed, I'm not expecting much of a response. If you have though please let me know, I'm really interested to what extent sprayed weed has infiltrated the UK market.

    Cheers guys. :smoking-banana:
  2. Exactly what are they spraying it with to increase weight and make it look more potent?
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  3. Why are there no tutorials on this..
  4. Ah the spray hooligans, blokes.... Ride around in scooters spraying all the stashes and giving good bashing.

    Damn spray hooligans, never taking a nug but always spraying your plug.

    Damn spray hooligans...
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  5. Is that something you're interested in doing? Or interesting in avoiding? Either way, it's the great urban myth. But it is relatively easy to strip weed of it's goodness to sell what's left to suckers but anyone doing such a thing deserves being pilloried, or at least the stocks.
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  6. One of my dealers was told straight up, by his supplier, that he sprays his weed with hairspray to make the buds stickier and harder so he stopped getting it off him.

    Here's an article that say's other things are being used.

    Someone else I know says he's seen his dealer mate put weed in a bottle, spray lemon flavoured deodorant/ cleaning product and shake it and then sell it as lemon haze.

    I guess there's no tutorials because it doesn't take brains to spray weed and it's a huge taboo.
  7. Silicon and sand paper bits from what I heard. It was a problem maybe 5 years ago in York, but all them dealers got grassed on for being dicks and spraying. Problem went away after 6-10 months of being prevalent.
  8. I want that to happen here in Brighton. It's got so bad.
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  9. I wish I had a phone with a camera, my friend just brought some weed over that he got today in Brighton and it's sprayed/ contaminated.
  10. Mate I think that shit hit everywhere pretty sure a few people died at the time from it
  11. Haha na not for me, just figured if this was actually a thing there would be a sticky thread on one of these forums with photos. Seen the stripping, but can't imagine anyone bothering to add anything afterwards.
  12. I know it was everywhere a few years back but honestly Brighton is so shit for it. When I'm in cornwall I never ever get it. I know it sounds unbelievable but I'm telling you it's a fact that bare people are selling that shit around Brighton.

    I'll post a picture of some tomorrow, I'll borrow a camera.
  13. I guess I've lived a sheltered life
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  14. Wish it was the same for me.

    I never thought I'd quit weed but I have given up trying to find clean weed in Brighton. The last stuff I picked up is so badly sprayed that it was the nail in the coffin.

    It looks dank but not sticky in anyway, it hardly smells like weed and its really hard. This is so typical of the last 6 months. I'm so done. All I want to do is increase awareness so people can stop picking up from cunty dealers.
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  15. Don't associate with wastemen, simple. Examine bud first before you buy.
  16. Glad i only smoke what i grow. No worries.
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  17. Honestly I almost have a phone book of contacts around here.

    Like I said even my old school dealers have been handing this shit out.

    Here's a picture:
  18. The head of the UK Cannabis Social Clubs lives in Brighton mate. Join the UKSC, they hold events all the time in Brighton, sorted.
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  19. That's a great idea, cheers pal.
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  20. Do you know of any in the N.E mainly Newcastle?

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