Spray to produce feminized seeds..anyone ever try it?

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  1. Saw this in this months High Times mag. Basically a spray you spray one branch with that forces females to grow male pollen. You spray for 2-3 weeks everyday then remove that branch that has the male pollen sacs. Before the sacs open cut the branch off place it in a cup of water move it to another room let it develop and extract the pollen.

    You can then after removing the branch place your plant back in the flowering tent.

    Wonder if it works. Its pretty cheap to buy.

    Feminized Seeds How Feminize Seeds Feminized Seed

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7uIDDTNMUs&feature=relmfu]Tiresias Mist Directions for Use - YouTube[/ame]
  2. U should of stopped right there man.;):poke::laughing:

    CS @ 500PPM = 22.00$ ( 4 ounces)

    GA3 (fresh) @ 10grams = 29.00$ ( enough to make 2+ gallon of sex reversal spray @ 50 PPM)

    these are the two chems primarily used for sexual reversal. so it is one or a combo of both the advertiser is using .

    both work. IME it is better to just use a rooted cutting, rather then a branch left in a vase like a cut rose on display.
  3. Why not use coloidal silver solution ??
    Get yourself two pieces of pure silver wire from a jewelers about 4" long by 2-3mm thick.
    Take a clear class beaker and cut a cardboard circle to fit over the top of the beaker and then make two holes opposite each other for the wire to go through.
    Fill the beaker with de-ionised water and then attach to each silver wire a lead that can be placed on a 9-12vdc battery.
    Once the battery is attached you will start to notice that bubbles will form around the annode(or is it cathode can never remember) this shows that the silver is reacting and disolving into the water to form coloidal silver.
    After a good 8-10 hours the solution should be at a good enough strength to use.

    Take a female plant that you wish to make your seeds from and place into 12/12 light cycle and spray daily with the coloidal silver solution untill tell tale female bud signs are seen then stop spraying and flower as normal.

    What you will find will happen is the plant will form both male and female reproductive organs. When the pollen sacs have matured give a little hand to spread the pollen to the female flowers on the plant.

    Because the plant started a female the pollen sacks with have predominently female genetics and thus any seeds formed on the plant will be female seeds.

    Use the newley gained seeds as you would any other female seeds and enjoy your new babies.
    Also if you use two different strains of female plants and treat only one plant you can cross pollonate the other to form a new genetic strain entirely sometimes with good results sometimes with bad results.
    When i tried cross pollonation of two females i got a plant that formed massive buds but no taste or smell so dabble at your peril or just keep it simple and make genetic copied seeds that you know will give good results.:hello::hello:
  4. lol I never bought any saw a article on it in High Times. Vice Coloidal Silver I would use this. All you do is spray a branch not the plant. Only the branch turns male which you remove. Rest of the plant is harvestable.

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