spray paint: krylon vs. rustoleum

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  1. So which spray paint do you guys think is best for painting metal

    I'm planning on repainting my bike but I don't have any money so I'm stuck with an at-home summer project. Here's what I'm planning to do:

    Take off all parts
    sand entire frame and fork to remove existing paint
    remove braze ons (anyone know an easy way to do this?)
    degrease entire bike
    tape off areas where bottom bracket and the headset would go

    here's where I don't know which way to go. I am going to spray one can of grey laquer primer and two cans of matte black.

    which brand is best in regards to longevity, rust resistance, finish, blah blah blah

    I know this isn't a bike forum but any and all help would be appreciated. I'll get up pics of my bike before and after if you guys can hand over a little advice :)
  2. Rustoleum is better for fighting off rust but krylon has nicer colors and a nicer finish. I'd do a layer of rustoleum topped with krylon actually.

    Could go all out and get some montana spray paint. That stuff is best when it comes to color.
  3. so you're saying rustoleum primer and krylon color?
    and what's makes montana spray paints better besides color? I'm doing my frame just a matte black so pretty much every company makes it
  4. someof krylons colors are VERY watery, DONT use the yellow, because you could probly get a better finish pissing on a wall. rusto is a great brand, great colors, thick and the best thing.. doesnt rust!

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