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Spouse, GF, BF, or significant other??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. Do they indulge in the weed?/

    My new GF loves it.. I think we are as compatable as soap and water.. hahahahalol..

    We smoke at least 4-6 days a week. It's all good!
  2. I'm a single man myself. :) So I guess this doesn't really apply to me at this point, but in the past it's never been a problem sharing a few bowls with a girlfriend....
  3. Hell yeah! I wouldn't have it any other way!

    Bud Head...Scrub a dub dub, dude!.......soap and're so funny and I'm so happy for you !!!!!

    :::::::doing the very-high happy dance::::::::


    *edit* That's actually Rub a dub dub, not scrub.
  4. Indianna, there are a lot of good girls in Indianna. My ex-wifes sister and her two girls live up there..

    RMJL, ooops? Did you fall while doing the :::very-high happy dance:::?
  5. Everyone is lucky to have their significant other who blazes and shit.... my girl is a NUN... but i love her to death... she dont even drink! but she doesn't oppose to my social habbits at all... and i blaze all the time, essentially shes dating a stonned mother fucker, except when i sleep. But its all good, she still entertains me to the fullest when i'm high.

    -GOOD POST !

  6. me and my bf get high together every night and throughout the day sometime, we buy bongs and stuff together, we love weed
  7. my gf does
    I think girls who smoke are sexy as hell :D
  8. my new gf has been around weed her whole life but has never smoked it. she knows i smoke and she says she wants to get high for the first time with me. so next weekend i plan on smoking her out and then participating in the act of making love. :D
  9. we smoke weed every day together :) xo~
  10. Nope My G/F don't smoke herbage. She tried it in Amsterdam while we were there, and said she didn't enjoy. ( Made her chest hurt too bad ) So I am a solitary smoker, unless I'm with my buddies. In fact, I'm kind of glad she doesnt smoke........ More For Me!! I don't know if I could afford BOTH our habit's. LOL
  11. Every boyfriend I have had since I started smoking pot has smoked pot....and we have smoked together...many many times. The last guy I was with we used to go on runs together all the time then just roll blunts and smoke while layin in the sun just chilling. its hard to be with someone who doesnt smoke...unless they are cool w/you smoking. i dont think i could be w/someone who doesnt smoke pot....eeeh.
  12. well my girl doesnt smoke nor does she drink or ever tried either and she doesnt approve of me doing either one so she basiclly sucks in that aspect
  13. My bf was the one who got me into marijuana. I used to get all mad at him when he did it... I guess I went insane or something... :p now I very much enjoy smoking with him. It's a great thing to do together.

  14. US TOO!! 15 years going strong (except when there is a drought!)

    I wouldn't have it any other way.
  15. i'm all single and such... and i don't burn anymore due to overbearing parents... but that's ok i guess. it'll give me a chance to save my money ;)

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