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Spotting pigs in desguise tips?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sombra, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    Anyone got some tips for our beginners here?
  2. I can always spot the cops, under cover or at night. I guess you just gotta know what to look for in your area. I know a lot of small details to look for but thats just because I know a lot about cars. Just observe what the cops drive especially undercover ones in your area and you'll be able to try to look for that. Then notice how that differs at night.
  3. Don't ever buy drugs from this guy.
  4. I always thought cops in undercover cars arent very undercover at all.

    those blacked out police cars look so out place in public cuz the only people that have them really are the coppers
  5. Undercover cops, unless on some crazy DEA bullshit, will look like a cop.

    In my area, undercover cops always had some sort of fastidiousness to their look. Too spit and polish, I guess you could say. My reasoning is their familiarity to the uniform.

    But it's easy to tell the difference between someone being themselves, and someone attempting to blend in. Body language is a good identifier.
  6. khaki shorts and a crisp dead shirt, thats what ive seen at concert venues,
  7. those are unmarked, not undercover.

    Not ure about you guys, but i have seen/talked to/ been arrested by every undo in my town so when i see 2 of them sitting out front of a store i know its them and take down the liscense plate on their car for future reference
  8. well they will almost always drive american cars. Ive had undercover cops ask me for fireworks but i chould always tell it was them:cool:. If u have even the slighest thought of them not being cool then they more then likely are pigs! Always go with your gut always!
  9. My dad designs undercover cars for the police around here. I've gotten a few chances to look around em and try to spot cameras, see how it's all set up n all. Basically, if the car is setup like the ones I've seen your fucked. They have usually around 4 - 6 cameras set up under the material of the car with little pinholes poked to allow the camera to see. After looking in a car, that i knew was bugged, I only found 1 of 6. The cameras are set up all over with the cameras watching each window, each seat, and usually outside of the passenger and driver window to ID people.

    The car was not anything special, they just grabbed some shitty car / low quality car, and set up cameras inside. After using the cars for a few busts they strip em and sell them at state auctions. There is absolutely nothing about the car that will help you spot them usually, unless the person setting it up seriosuly sucks. I would say just don't do any deals near the car if the person is sketchy.

    EDIT - Actually I do know one thing that can help you Identify undercover cars. The cameras require something to store the video, and at times even something to power them. One place i've seen them place all this equipment is in the little tool box in the bed of trucks, or in the car trunks.

    Good luck, and be careful.

  10. this ^ x2
  11. here you go

    [ame=]Spotting a Narc | SPIKE[/ame]
  12. I'm wearing a DEA singlet to a dance music festival on saturday. Its ok cause I'm in Australia. I really hope someone freaks out when they see it, no matter how unlikely that is.

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