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spotting other smokers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by EZ-Rider, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. Do you think that cannabis smokers / drug users can spot other drug users more easily than the general population? Sometimes i feel that way, like i can just tell that someone else smokes weed when i talk to them. Also, when you listen to music you can sort of tell that the people who made it were on drugs. Right now I am listening to side 2 of Magical Mystery Tour (I love listening to stuff on vinyl, it's great, and no, i'm not "old and wrinkley", i turn 19 this month), and I can just tell that "Strawberry Fields" was written on drugs, and perhaps written about drugs.
  2. yeah u can spot smokers.....if they have long hair, dirty clothes, and talk wit a deep slow voice cus they kinda dumb, lol.....

    but naw, u dont really know.....well, u can tell if they a daily smoker, but other than that, not really....cus i've smoked wit some peoples i would never have thought smoked this gay Real Estate guy toked a couple bowls wit me and my pops homies.......seein that shit was a trip......
  3. well at university of tn when i walk around i notice all these people that ive smoked with before and then see all the people they hang out with so it kinda goes hand and hand

    as for just spotting people... some people are obvious tokers (like me) you can just look at me and know i smoke because i usually wear chacos or burkenstocks, torn pants with a hemp belt and i have tons of marley and hendrix shirts. but on average you can't tell most people you you just have to ask.

    i know where your coming from though
  4. Look at their lighters..if they smoke cigs....yer typical bic for a pot smoker will have a black spot on the bottom of it at the corners.........*grin*.....hmmmm..wonder why? lol

  5. to fix the bowl????
  6. if you have dreads, there is almost no denying to anyone that you smoke. so, im automatically singled out, happens all the time. drought time is worse, people flag me down at the stop lights askin wheres the weed?

  7. to pack its contents down into it when it flowers up a bit.....the bottom edge of a typical bic lighter will have black smudges, or slightly melted burn rings on
  8. there is nothin like spotting another person who you know gets high and making the i love weed and the people who use it...everyone else is cool too

  9. or to turn a fat ass dense bowl over........
  10. got it :)

  11. i know......

  12. Lol.

    After i blazed once i stared at the black corners, i must alternate i guess, and just stared at them for a bit. heh. i like thos.
  13. I like it too...makes me feel like i'm part of some accepted sub culture that others are missing out

    Hey..that's almost true..

  14. are u sure u posted in the right thread???

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