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  1. Im guessing lots of us smoke out in our backyards and have neighbours, but have you ever had a wierd encounter like this?

    Im out there smoking out of my little bubbler on a nice sunday afternoon. I look over to see some dude 2 doors over hiding behind his barbeque spying on me. He noticed that I saw him so he ducks, then the dumbass pops his head back up a few seconds later and im still looking over. So he ducks and runs inside like an idiot. Im sure my neighbours have noticed the scent in the past or may have spotted me smoking a doobie at one point or another but what the heck is up with a dude hiding behind his barbeque watching me.

    Anyways no police have come, and I haven't spoken to them in years so I guess I don't really give a shit. I just won't go out there in broad daylight anymore, but what really creeps me out is if the guy see me at nighttime, because I wouldn't be able to spot him then and ive been smoking out there at nights for like a year now. Can't people just mind their own damn business?
  2. lol dude, you live in toronto. Weed is basically legal there. Why do you care if your neighbors see you or not?
  3. Its not the legal issue, its the fact im being watched. Wouldn't that bother you? Anyways like I said i don't really give a shit unless its a consistent thing, which I would have no way of knowing.
  4. tomorrow morning go light up on his lawn. That will end all the spying.
  5. I wish people would just mind their own damn business. But, I suppose, if he can see you from behind his barbecue, theres no stopping him.

    Plant a tree.
  6. put up some trellis = instant privacy :smoking:

    maybe your neighbor has mental health issues?

  7. thats whats up!
  8. i would of asked him what the fuck he was looking at and continue to hit the bong.
  9. or maybe he was high on crack didnt knwo what he was doing
  10. hes probably wanting some weed and noticed it was just a few doors over and he didnt have to go somewhere haha
    honestly, i have no idea but i would have laughed my ass off then get paranoid afterwards
  11. lol you should of yelled at him "hey dude you want a toke?"
  12. how old was the guy spying on you?
  13. I saw him from far away, not sure if he was in his 20's or older.
  14. dude stop worrying and next time when you catch him spyin on you ask him if he wants a toke. spread the herb
  15. get off your ass 'n confront 'em about it

    you see 'em out front be like 'you party?'

    it's a 50/50 shot that he wants to make a connect or trash ya and if he wants to trash ya you'll know once you have a chat instead of being worried

    least then you can avoid toking in your yard/have your shit well stashed/ect

    either that or buy yourself a silent whip vaporizer and a nice extension cord kick back out there with no smell
  16. y so violent?


    grab a case of beer, walk over and drink a few with him. , if the conversation turns ugly, well slam the case of beer into his head. if not, bamo. Problem solved for the price of some cheap (molsen?)

    walk quietly but carry a big (case of beer) stick, no need to start out hostile, just say you noticed him in the back yard and wanted to say hi or something..

    friends = better than enemies
  17. Heh... I'd offer him a toke or wave or something obvious like that.

    What sort of family situation is it there? I'd say if he doesn't have small kids chances are he isn't too bothered.
  18. Man, my neighbours to both side smoke. My friend and his dad on one side, and this awesome guy who races snowmobiles on the other. :p
  19. I usually smoke a bowl or two right before bedtime, out of my 2nd story window. One night I had just finished smoking a bowl, and the whole time I was smoking I heard a really weird vibrating sound outside and I figured it was just somebodys heater, or something. Once I finished the bowl, I see dim lights pop on in the neighbors yard, and I realize it's their hot tub. I then hear somebody get out of the water, dry off, and walk inside. It hits me. The vibrating sound was their jets. Surely, if their face was turned my way they saw me lighting something up, over and over again. I was clearly hanging out of my 2nd story window, with a lighter. haha. Oh well, they never said anything, and I always check for that hot tub for now on!
  20. Next time you see him, ask him if he wants a hit ;).

    But honestly, he hid behind the barbeque? Laughed so hard when I read that, sounds like something a kid would do :p

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