spots on middle veins

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  1. ok. When these first started showing up, I got some help from Myles. After checking ph, it was shockingly low. We did a royal flush and ran 14 gallons of water through her at once and brought the ph back to normal.

    Spots are still coming though.

    -FF Ocean org soil, 3g pot

    -PineApple Express fem

    -day 40 flowering

    She got big bloom at 1/2 dose since day 1 flowering and started with beastie bloomz last week.

    An issue was that I was not ph balancing after mixing in the nutes. Im assuming that's how it happened anyway.

    Anyway, ph is back to normal, but rust spots are still showing up

    Input anyone?

  2. sometimes it can take a lil while for the plant to gejust be careful to t over the probleem. Now that shes all flushed, are you back to feeding her? If so, just be sure to adjust the ph after adding the nutrients.

    I rly hope she starts to improve. I've had this shit take over plants many times cuz I hesitated before flushing.
  3. Yes, fed once but she is still drying out. I have a fan aimed into her pot to help. I really need to let her dry out, she's been wet for days now.

    Hopefully she just needs to re-acclimate, I'll keep an eye on her and wave the "Myles" flag if she's showing signs of worsening.

    Thanks again sir :)
  4. funny thing is I hopped in here and started responding and halfway thru the response noticed it was you!!!! hahaha.

    The soil always stays wet for a while after flushing. Rarely is so much of the soil's pore space filled with water as it is after a flush. I've had plants tht took a week before needing a watering after a flush.
  5. Yes, as a rookie, after reading a lot, I knew I didn't want to make the mistake of over watering. It took patience and discipline as a rookie,lol,...for real. I've spent more time staring at these things than I did my last g/f and I've had these 1/2 as long,lmao!!!!

    But I did well with it and saw the results so, this is a reeeeal test of just not fucking with it and let it go through the stages. ain't easy,lol
  6. Update- still not good, seems there were even more spots today than yesterday.

  7. I'd give it some calmag, but that is just me..
  8. having a similar issue had high PH, flushed, had bad nutrients, flushed again, had bad RO filters, flushed a 3rd time. 5 gallon pots of pro mix and perlite, this was my procedure.
    2.5 Gal RO + 12mL of FloraKleen (gen hydro) + pH up to 6.0 (florakleen is aacidic idk why)
    2.5 Gal RO + 9mL of FloraKleen + pH up to 6.2
    2.5 Gal RO + 6mL of FloraKleen + pH up to 6.4
    2.5 Gal RO  + pH up to 6.5
    Let them drain and its been two days. One is clawing and i cant figure out how. They are all 6 weeks old and have stunting issues since day 1. i only gave nutes once but they seem to be burning and still spotting.
    Should i let dry and keep flushing? or try some low dose nutes/microbes? i have photosynthesis plus microbes. Soils been flushed 3 times each having 30 gals flushed through with the last 10 being the only clean water. I wanna keep giving pure water to keep clean but im afraid they are STARVED for nutes. So I think i will try low dose nutes and then next watering use plain water with the flora kleen solution to remove any stuff that didnt get absorbed. just a watering though not a flush.
    Help is appreciated.

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