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  1. Hey guys, I've been keeping the water in my bong and ash catcher till the end of the day and then I clean it out and now there are spots on my glass from the water line and below. It looks like tiny pieces of salt are sticking to it, but it's not or it would of came off. Anyone run into this problem? I just bought some grunge off from amazon because my piece is all stained( only ever used alc and salt) maybe the grunge off will do something?

    Mainly tho, I wondering if the bong water is corroding the glass or something ? It's mainly on my Grav lab ash catcher and its very thin glass.

  2. Weird. Could it be related to hard water calcium deposits? Maybe try switshing it in CLR.
  3. yea, could just be from hard water. After i wash my bong i rinse it out with RO water before letting it dry up, there will be no minerals in RO water to be deposited haha... you could just use distilled water though
  4. Swish with white vinegar. A LOT cheaper than CLR, not toxic and works almost as well. Smells like a mother-fucker though so ya gotta rinse the shit out of it.
  5. Well grunge off should work just as good as vinegar or better right?
  6. same thing is happening to my lil bub

    and its weird cuz i use bottle water to fill althopugjh i rinse with tap water

    i have those lil salt lookin specs on the side n bottom of the bong

    seems to be calcium or something from hard water

    imma try the vinegar as i dunno bout clr..aklthough they use it to clean coffee machines n shit

    when i 1st got my bub i was rinsin it everynight before bed..i got a li llasy n left it over night a few time n noticed this shit
  7. haha damn man....hopefully it's not affecting the glass at all!
  8. I don't think it is
    Mines been like that for a month now
    Scares me cuz it looks like salt
  9. Ive ran into this problem in my percs, it makes me sad i might try that clr
  10. rinse out with super hot water

    99% iso salt rinse

    hot water one more time threw

    then pour a little distilled white vinegar in, mixed with a tad bit of bleach n one small squirt of dish soap, add a little bit of hot water into this solution and shake for a good 5 minutes

    after that rinse out with steaming hot water multiple times, and do one more iso rinse threw

    this is what I do whenever I run into that sorta problem
  11. y does everyone say use bleach

    i woudnt use that shit man...shits soo toxic
  12. I do a Iso wash to clean followed by vinegar to get rid of hard water deposit like what you have here, and then a little bit of lemon juice mixed with hot water to get the taste and smell of vinegar out. Works everytime
  13. i heard a few drop of lemon juice in ur water stops it from getting dirty..just the water tho not the bong
  14. I use hot to warm water mixed with either hydrogen peroxide or some lens cleaner and give it a small bath and use my cleaning toothbrush to clean the hard stuff (if any since I keep my stuff pretty clean)
  15. ya i cant stand a dirty bong
    i change my water every session
    and if im smokin oils then go to flowers i make sure to change the watr if going back to oils

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