Spots and leaf burn? (pics)

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  1. So my lady RoboBitch is doing pretty good, buds are starting to form. Its about 4 weeks into flower and I just wanted to get some advice on a few problems befoer its too late. It look slike some bugs ate a few of my leaves, and some of the lower ones are getting white and brown spots on them as well.

    She's under 3 42w cfl's and receives light from the other cfl's as well. Any help/tips are greatly appreciated. thanks:smoking:

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  2. o yeah and I gave it some 10-27-19 fert twice so far, but I noticed some nute burn so i stopped. All of the problems im having with spots and whatever started before I started fertilizing just so y'all know. How much do you think it will yield? When will it be ready?
  3. damnit grass city, give me some advice!!!
  4. I'd say just make sure you don't feed them again while they flower you should be ok...
  5. yeah looks like over fert to me. just let em grow and no more nutes. no biggie
  6. thanks guys, they are stressing from the heat (tips are curling up some) because its at about 90 during the hottest part of the day and gets down to 65 or so at night. I cant really get the temp down, will this kill my plants or reduce yield/potency? Thanks again:wave:

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