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  1. Anyone use spotify premium on their Android? I'm thinking about getting it bcuz I use spotify/pandora at work but it uses data constantly. Apparently with spotify premium you can play all of your downloaded music offline so you wouldn't be using data. I read somewhere that you can only play the same song 5 times? Hope that isn't the issue in the US. So basically I want to be able to play all of my favorite music offline without using data on my galaxy S3. Should I get spotify premium or does anyone have any other ideas?

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  2. :-(

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  4. Spotify is probably one of the most frivolous expenses I have. But I use it so often.

    I play my playlists offline while onsite at work, or in the car. No data required and I’ve never had any limitations. If there’s any cap on listens, I’ve never reached it with daily use.

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  5. I have Spotify, Sirius, and Amazon Music and use Spotify for music I want to download and listen to offline. For general music stations I tend to use Sirius. There is no 5 time cap on Spotify songs. The only thin I have noticed is that of you put the app in offline mode, and dont reconnect online every so often your songs will stop working. It is how they verify licensing and account status to make sure you arent just downloading a ton of music and then cancelling the service.
  6. @Pete Robbins
    Spotify Premium is not an app, it’s a subscription. There is only one app.:D
    When you install you have to create an account. That account will be a “free” account by default, with all the restrictions that come with that. You will be asked if you want to subscribe to premium. If you do, then your account will be upgraded and you will get the benefits wherever you log into Spotify after that.:thankyou:

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