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  1. So if one is attempting to grow some good ol cannabis out in the woods. How big of an opening in the canopy (if that makes any sense) is necessary for the plants to get enough sunlight to thrive. like if theres just a fair size opening is it enough or do you need to find like a clearing, field or corn field. please help +rep

  2. there's no formula for what you're asking......jus clear away as much trees as is necessary for your plants to get sun light from sun rise to sunset or as close to that as possible.
  3. The more direct full sunlight you have the better. Your yield will suffer if your plants are shaded. You may need to water more frequently with more sun but it's worth it in terms of yield. Look for an area that receives 8+ hours of direct sun. More is better
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    what about the edge of a corn field, like in the tree line?
    EDIT: I should specify more, with this specific spot, the sun will be rising and setting parallel to the plant. the plant is only blocked by trees to the north, whose canopy the will partially be under. Would this provide enough sun sense, they would be partially shaded but would never be fully lacked from the sun at all during the day. does that make sense?
  5. its not a corn field theirs just flowers ( weeds really) but I'm afraid its going the get cut at some point in the season so I dont want to put my babies directly in the field
  6. go to the place you are thinking about a few times. 8am, 12-noon, 4pm, 8pm. See if at those times, they are in the sun..  Remember early morning sun is better and cooler, and keeps your plants from drying out like they do from mid-day sun

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