spot on very bottom leaf

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  1. im thinking it might be the ph but can someone please verify, its a little brownish orange spot.

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    That "leaf" is a Cotyledon, which is the very first part of the seed that comes out to provide energy for the plant to grow, Cotyledons usually turn yellow/ brown and fall off a weed or two into the grow.

    Edit: You should really try to remove those little green balls in your soil, they contain nutrients that are slowly released, but can cause your plants to get too much at one time and cause nutrient burning. Plus it's best to allow the plant to grow in the soil without adding any nutrients to a very young plant.

  3. so those leafs don't really matter? cause they turn brown and fall off anyway?

    and ill pick out as many as i can find without knocking over the plant.
  4. and there about 13 days in. The other ones fine, this ones been the trouble child.
  5. How many sets of leaves does she have NOT counting the cotyledon?

    Most of the time a brown spot like that comes because she is hungry. If she has 4 sets of leaves (not counting the coty as a set) then give her a dose of nutes, at half strength. She looks like she is big enough for a feeding, and that may be what she needs.

    Maybe a full shot of the plant would help to answer that fully.

    Don't worry too much about the cotyledon's all they are for is for a source of food for the plant when they first pop out. After that, they don't serve a purpose, so if they die, they die. But, usually they more just kinda dry up and go limp and fall off, not just give some spots.
  6. full shot of em

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  7. She looks very healthy. I would say give her another day and those set of leaves that are coming out now will be there. So tomorrow at about this time she will be ready for her first dose of nutes at half strength.

    Whatever you have chosen for a veg nute, try it out on your next feeding whenever that is. They look healthy though, so I wouldn't worry about the coty.

    I do have a question for you though. It looks like the you have them really deep in that pot, they're going to grow into the side of it some. Are you planning on repotting it?
  8. its a 3 gallon bucket and the soil is 2 gal full in both of them. do you think im gonna half to re-pot it? and what veg nute do you suggest i use, and the amount?

    also + rep for you
  9. Hmm, in hindsight you should have just filled the 3 gallon buckets to the top, and just planted them into that. Some will say 2 gallons is enough for an entire grow, but I never use less than 3 gallons. I wouldn't replant them anytime soon, they need to get a good grasp of that soil first.

    As for suggesting nutes, it really depends on what's available to you. If you can get your hands on fox farm products, then check them out.

    Whatever you do find, use 1/2 the strength of what is reccomended by the brand you buy. It should say on the box/bottle you get.
  10. thank you for all the help :hello: :wave:

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