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  1. i am a huge sports fan, and every time i make a thread on GC nobody ever replies but w.e ill just make it neway

    what the fuck is going on in the current state of sports?

    you got #1 draft picks killing dogs (mike vick)
    you pacman jones involved in every murder case in the country it seems like
    you got steroids being a question in every sport (leave barry alone!)
    you got race car drivers fighting
    you got baseball players threatineng to kill other players
    you got wrestlers killing there families
    you got referees throwing games for bets they made

    what the hell is going on

    Sportscenter = the new Americas Most Wanted

    reply with your thoughts
  2. "You know, people think I'm into sports because just because I'm a man.

    I'm not into sports- I mean I like Gatorade, but thats about as far as it goes.

    You do not have to be sweaty and holding a basketball to enjoy a Gatorade, you can just be a thirsty dude.

    Gatorade forgets about this demographic. I'm thirsty for absolutely no reason- other than the fact that liquid has not touched my lips for some time.

    Can I have a Gatorade too? Or does that lightening bolt mean 'No'"

    Ahhh Mitch.

    I'm not into sports- but this skit came to mind.
  3. I don't know I don't watch sports. But I do like Gatorade. :D
  4. I got you, haha. I'm pretty big on sports myself.

    First of all, If the accusations against Vick are held to be true, that's fucking disgusting. Someone who not only endorses dog fights, but at the same time trains handfuls of dogs to fight and kills off the losers is horrible. I know it's important not to believe everything you see, or read but if the evidence against Vick shows these claims to be true I hope he gets a hefty fine and jailtime for knowingly abusing and killing animals. But aside from the moral facet, he fucked the Falcons over big time. Now he cant go to camp, and is going to be in court. He is their most prized possessionm they are modeled around him. :eek:

    Speaking of Pac Man, it's sad that such a talented player has to go and fuck things up by being involved in so many crimes. I guess that's what happens when you grow up in a shitty neighborhood and your neighborhood follows you all throughout life.

    I really don't like Barry Bonds. I hate his demeanor, and I hate that he cheated by using steroids. It is unfair that he is going to break the record of a well respected figure who didn't use any performance enhancer. Barry was a great player, even in college, I'm not denying that at all. I'm just saying he fucked it up for himself in the eyes of many when he started injecting himself.

    I read an interesting article on the WWE a couple weeks after the Benoit incident. It was calling out McMahon on the high number of wrestlers, or ex-wrestlers that die before age 50 by drugs or suicide and things of the sort.
  5. ^^^ vince has told all wrestlers that if they r on steroids they have to be off them, if u watch raw smackdown or ECW u will realize how many guys got smaller in the last month or so

    pacman has had wat 16 run ins? theres no need for that at all, idc what hood u from, even rappers arent aressted that much and they have it pretty bad (besides DMX and Snoop they get arressted everyday)
  6. Yankees aren't making the playoffs
    leafs get Nabokov
    a rod is still the best baseball player
    barry bonds record homerun ball isn't worth shit to me
  7. the gators own college sports
  8. ^ gators are not winning NCAA basketball next year.
  9. The only sports I pay attention to anymore are college level on down.
  10. i love sports, watching and playing, if i didnt enjoy them id'a been a junkie years part is you can combine the 2, and get the best of both worlds....a sports fan with the conex, dats me ya herd??!?
  11. I dunno, sports just seem like the same thing over and over to me.
  12. sports is like half my life, the other half is the beautiful herb that brings us all together. but along with every one else i believe steroids has ruined the game, but in more than just having players cheating. there is almost no chance for a star to emerge with out being accused of steroids.
    but dont count out the falcons just yet, remember we still have shockley
  13. I really only pay attention to boxing and soccer. Seems they are the last sports where things are done the old fashion way.

    Play your hardest. You win, you celebrate. You lose, You congratulate the winner and move on.

    Boxing= the best sportsmanship. Shake hands before, and most do after nearly every round, and at the very end.
  14. Papelbon has just struck out the second batter of the ninth inning and the Red Sox are about to defeat the Cleveland Indians 1-0
  15. first off red sox are gonna win the world serious....pacman jones is nothing but a thug hes been in trouble w/ the law his whole life this does not suprise me at all ........the whole wwe benoit thing is a trajedgy wrestling has gone so downhill since the 90s anyway or maybe i just grew up hah and ya barry bonds homerun record doesnt mean shit to me
  16. I attribute the state of sports in the US to the decline of focus on sportsmanship in amateur athletics. Over the last decade they have been pushing winning a lot more than they have been pushing being a decent person. Ive known that that professional sports was going to see a severe lack of class for the last few years. Whatever happened to the days when sports stars functioned as role models?

  17. Of course they wont... They lost the best college basketball team of all time to the NBA. However, Billy Donovan is a god now. You just wait another 3-4 years. We will have another one. Billy knows how to recruit the sleepers and then turn them into champions.

  18. You guys are funny, Yanks will make the playoffs. The Sox aren't winning the world series either, its gonna be the Tigers.
  19. nba is in jeopardy, now and I hope ever cheatin ref beats it, as for Vick its pretty cruel he would allow such dog killin on his property...owell hes the most overated quarterback anyways, probaly in nfl history good ridance for the falcons sign themselves a true quarterback who can pass, thats what being a qb is all bout..otherwise ur just wannabe qb whos really a running back.

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