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  1. Which sports games do you guys play?

    I play UFC 3, NHL 13, Madden 13, WWE 13, NBA 2k9, Tiger Woods 07 (I wanna get 13), Fifa 09 and Fight Night Champion
  2. madden 13 currently ,i want to pick up the new tiger woods tho..didnt it get a price drop?
  3. Nba 2k13, and mlb 2k11
  4. NBA 2k13 my player, shit is ridiculous when I'm baked and don't realize I drop like 50 points in 17 minutes.
  5. NBA 2k13, Madden, NCAA, Fifa, MLB the Show, NHL...

    Yeah, i love sports lol
  6. NHL 13 mostly. For anyone that has it add me up - vVv OhMyGawd. Hardly anyone on my list has it.
  7. NBA Jam here and there
  8. Madden 13, FIFA 13, NBA 2k13
  9. I usually stick to NHL and NBA 2k. Both very realistic and fun games to play stoned
  10. NFL Blitz 64

    Play it with a friend. Greatest sports game to play high for all of the ridiculous shit. Laughing for days.
  11. The NHL series is the best sports game on the market nowadays. NBA 2K is right behind.
  12. back in the day man...brings back memories
  13. nfl 2k5 is probably my favorite football game ive played ive never enjoyed madden too much
  14. Totally agree. 2k5 is still the best football game ever created. It has taken Madden 8 years to even come close to realistic physics like those of 2k5 and every nhl game since '06ish. It's all about the money...
  15. My fav nhl is 09

    13 is great though
  16. nhl 13 add me @ acssarge55.
  17. Nhl13 I got hard on ultimate team. I love playing it while im ripped

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